Voting at Leeds Beckett is both a right and a privilege, but certainly not an obligation.

However, voting is your chance to influence so many things that affect your life at university. This affects not only the Union's policies and services, but also the way in which you are represented to the University, the Government and other organisations.

You may already be involved in the Students' Union as a course rep, a member of a society, as an activist or a member of a volunteering group; nearly all extra-curricular activities at Leeds Beckett are run by the Students' Union. You may think that the Students' Union has nothing to do with you... but it does! 

Full time Officers and Student Representatives are elected by Leeds Beckett students, influencing every part of your life here at Leeds Beckett even if you 'do' nothing.  So, use your vote to choose the candidates you think will represent you best and ensure that they have the power of your mandate.

Remember that your vote is yours alone and you should feel comfortable to vote for the person that you think will work in your interests, so check out the candidate manifestos and see who's policies you most agree with before you cast your vote.


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