Struggling with Student Finance England or worried about money?
The Advice Service can help you liaise with SFE and advise you on applying for hardship funds.

Worried about signing up for tenancy?
The Advice Service can help you understand the terms in your tenancy agreement before you sign it, and help you avoid letting agents and landlords who don't do things properly.

Worried about family at home?
The Advice Service can advice you on how to register with the University's Wellbeing Service.

Want to meet other students with caring responsibilities to socialise?
Start your own Carer's Society by contacting

Feel strongly about an issue at University affecting Student Carers?
Let the Vice President Equality & Diversity know about it and let us help to tackle the problem.

Interesting in volunteering?
The SU Volunteering Team have lots of links with various causes, all needing different skills and personalities. We have opportunities ranging from one minute to three years, so you are sure to find something to get involed in; gain new skills, meet new people, and just do something for yourself! contact the team to find out more:
0113 812 8456

Want to find out if there are other student carers at Leeds Beckett University?
Talk to our Sabbatical Officers about setting up a peer support group for student carers at Leeds Beckett.

Want to improve the experience of student carers at Leeds Beckett University or have an idea for a campaign to create change?
The Student Voice team could support you in making this happen.

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