What’s the problem?

  • I don’t know when to start looking for accommodation.
  • I don’t know what I need to look for when viewing a property.
  • I want my tenancy agreement checked before I sign it or pay any money.
  • I need help fully understanding my responsibilities as set out in my tenancy agreement.

What can we do to help?

On making contact with the Students’ Union Advice Service, we will:

  • Advise you as to the best time to start looking for accommodation.
  • Advise you to where to look for advertised properties.
  • Advise on what to look for when viewing a property.
  • Invite you to forward any contract documents for checking.
  • Inform you as to the obligations you are signing up to and advise on how to avoid the common problems faced by tenants.
  • Confirm that you can continue to seek advice from us throughout the duration of your tenancy.

How can you contact us for advice?

Email: You can email your query to us at suadvice@leedsbeckett.ac.uk and an Adviser will get back to you. Please try to give as much information as possible relating to your query when you email us.

Drop In to speak to an Adviser: You can call in to see an Adviser during our drop in hours either at City or Headingley Campus. You can find our drop in times here.

Phone to speak to an Adviser: If we have no Advisers available to take your call our reception will take some details from you and pass your information on to us and we will get back in contact with you. If we are unable to get through to you on the phone we will send you an email to let you know we have been unable to get through. If you have provided reception with details relating to your query, we can also send you information that might help. Our number will come up as withheld so keep this in mind when you are waiting for a call back.

Book an Appointment with an Adviser: We have a number of appointments throughout the week at both City and Headingley Campus’ you just need to call 0113 812 8400 and ask to book an appointment with an Adviser and reception will be able to see if there are any at a time that suits you. If not, then they will recommend one of the other ways of contacting us.

Case Study

The student’s problem:

The student contacted the advice service to get their tenancy agreement checked prior to signing up for a tenancy in a shared property with 5 other students. 

Advice given:

The adviser took a copy of the agreement, read through it and then gave the student some written feedback highlighting what some of the common tenancy terms mean and drawing attention to potential clauses or things written into the agreement that might potentially present difficulties. 

The adviser made the student aware of what their legal rights and obligations were under the agreement and how this would also affect the other tenants and their guarantors. 


The student went on to sign up for his tenancy, being satisfied that they were fully aware of what they were signing up to. They also knew to go back to the advice service if they had any issues with their tenancy in the future. 

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