Complaints Against Your Landlord

Information correct as of April 2021. You are advised to contact the Students’ Union Advice Service for advice specific to your circumstances before taking any action. If you find any broken links please let us know as links may change without us being notified.

Housing Advice

The Redress Scheme

If you have signed a tenancy with a Lettings Agency and are experiencing problems that are not being resolved then you may be able to register a complaint with a government approved Redress Scheme.

From 1 October 2014, Letting Agents have been required to be a member of one of two government-approved letting agency redress schemes. If a Letting Agent doesn’t resolve your complaint within 8 weeks, it’s likely you’ll be able to complain to one of these schemes. This includes complaints relating to the lettings process and the management of the property.

The two schemes are:
Property Redress Scheme
The Property Ombudsman


Registering A Complaint

  • Check which of the above schemes the Letting Agent is registered with by requesting details from the agent or by checking online the links above.
  • Email the Letting Agent setting out your complaint. Keep a copy of all communications.
  • The Letting Agent should investigate your complaint within eight weeks. If eight weeks have passed and your complaint has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you may refer your dispute to the relevant scheme.
  • If the Letting Agent has written to you explaining that they have completed their investigations or you have exhausted their internal complaints procedure, you can submit a complaint to the relevant ombudsman scheme.
What you can complain about using the scheme
  • Lack of transparency about fees for tenants
  • Inaccurate property descriptions
  • Disputes about refunds of holding deposits taken to reserve a property
  • Inaccurate accounting and not passing your rent on to your landlord
  • Slow or poor service in managing repairs
What you CANNOT complain about using the scheme
  • Complaints about University Halls or Private Halls - these should be dealt with via the University Complaints Procedure/Unipol Members Code
  • Complaints about a landlord who manages a property - these should be dealt with via Unipol or Leeds City Council Accreditation Scheme where appropriate
  • Disputes relating to your arrears/damages deposits - these should be dealt with via the appropriate Tenancy Deposit Scheme

What happens if my letting agent isn't registered with one of the schemes?

Local Authorities can impose a fine of up to £5,000 where a Lettings Agent or Property Manager has not registered with an appropriate scheme. If you are aware of a non-registered agency, please contact the Students' Union Advice Service immediately.

For information and advice on a wide range of housing and tenancy related issues, visit the website for Shelter.

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