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Applying for an Extension

Information correct as of April 2021. You are advised to contact the Students’ Union Advice Service for advice specific to your circumstances before taking any action. If you find any broken links please let us know as links may change without us being notified.

Academic Advice

An extension should be requested when you need just a few more days to meet your deadline, for deferral to the next assessment opportunity, see Mitigation.

Why Apply for an Extension?

In most cases you will work towards your assessment deadlines without any problems. However, there are times when circumstances arise beyond your control that affect you and your ability to study.

In normal circumstances the University expects you to submit all assignments on time and in doing so assumes that you are declaring yourself fit to do so.


Grounds For An Extension

To be granted an extension you will need to demonstrate that circumstances beyond your control have affected your Academic study.

In addition, you will be expected to explain the direct link between the circumstances you describe and the impact on your ability to meet your deadline.


Completing The Form

Apply for an Extension here.

Your form will sent through to your Course Administration team for consideration by the designated member of Academic Staff within the School.


Checking Your Statement

The Students’ Union Advice Service can check your statement to provide feedback.

We will aim to get back to you with feedback normally within 24hrs on a working day. Make sure you send any drafts to us for feedback well in advance of your deadline.

Important Information

  • There is no guarantee that your application will be granted
  • You should receive a response within two to three working days
  • You cannot appeal the decision of the Designated Officer
  • You cannot normally apply for an Extension if you have already been granted Mitigation
  • Normally, you have to submit your request for an Extension as soon as possible but no later than the date of the assessment deadline.


Contact the Advice Service