Authorised Absence
Academic Advice

What Counts As Authorised Absence?

The University accepts that there are circumstances in which you are formally required to perform or attend e.g. a civic or legal duty and that this may prevent you from attending an examination or assessment.

The University gives examples of acceptable reasons for requesting Authorised Absence which include Jury Service; Court proceedings or Interviews with Government Officials.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and the Students’ Union Advice Service will be able to advise you on your particular circumstances.

Why Should You Apply?

If you fail to attend an examination/meet an assessment requirement without permission then your Academic record will record this as a nonattendance/submission. You are likely to be granted a single re-sit opportunity but the mark for this will attract a penalty cap. If permission is granted you will be given the opportunity to re-sit/submit as a ‘first attempt’ with no penalty.

If you request permission in good time it is likely that you will know the outcome of your Authorised Absence request in advance and can plan accordingly.

Please note that the above advice does not take account of individual circumstances that may apply. Contact the SU Advice Service for further information.

How To Request Authorised Absence

You are required to complete the University’s Request form giving as much detail as possible and attaching relevant supporting evidence.

The completed form should be submitted to your Student Administration Office for consideration by the ‘designated’ member of academic staff within the School.

Free Draft Form Checking Service

The Students’ Union Advice Service offers a draft form checking service. You can send your draft for review by email to:

We will aim to get back to you with feedback normally within 24hrs on a working day. Make sure you send any drafts to us for feedback well in advance of your deadline.

Important information

  • Your request must be submitted no later than the date of the affected assessment(s).
  • Early application will ensure that a decision can be made in good time.
  • The designated member of staff, where practicable, should respond without delay.
  • Please contact the Students’ Union Advice Service if you are having problems with the procedure.
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