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    Table tennis boards in the Hive

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    There are studies showing that games and sports are good ways of relieving stress in schools and helps to support mental wellbeing. Leeds Beckett strives to make the University a very comfortable place for learning while supporting our mental wellbeing. There are games available at the Hive already like snooker and other board games, and I think we should add table tennis.


    This will help with our mental wellbeing and can serve as something to buy time while awaiting lecture time. It also makes for greater varieties of games available.


    Add table tennis to the Hive to provide more varieties of games on campus.


    We can have well-grounded table tennis players to represent in inter-school competitions and it is also an avenue for other students who cannot play to learn for free. It will support better mental wellbeing and more varieties of games available at the Hive.
Ismail Dele
5pm on 22 Nov 23 Having 2 boards for 1 game can be interpreted as a racialised initiative towards other games Other genre of games should be incorporated for improved participation, viewing and students mental well being. 100% support for the motion.
Chidiebere Okezie
5:48pm on 22 Nov 23 This is a nice move. I support this moves
Motunrayo Adeyemi
11:22pm on 22 Nov 23 I support this
Ayomikun Chianumba
9:52am on 23 Nov 23 I support this too
Peter Ghelecha
10:14am on 23 Nov 23 Table tennis is an indoor sports which will be great for the hive. It's a brilliant initiative.
Chukwunwem Aga
6:34pm on 23 Nov 23 I strongly support this idea to have a table tennis board for students at the Hive to promote learning, leisure and and healthy competition amongst students and also promote friendships
Kingsley Ogbuu
1:37pm on 1 Dec 23 Wow, this is a wonderful movement. I support it 101% ...looking forward to it already ????.
Toluwalase Daniel Jegede
1:42pm on 1 Dec 23 I support
Esther Efejuku
2:01pm on 1 Dec 23 Great move ????
Ogechi Linda Abonuyo
2:13pm on 1 Dec 23 This is a welcome idea. Good to have a table tennis board at the student hive. The will build strong connections and friendships.
Solomon Eleojo Amade
5:10pm on 1 Dec 23 Strongly support this idea.
Toni Anne Uwaifo
9:34pm on 1 Dec 23 We do need a table tennis board. Hope it works!
Olubunmi Ayeni-Ejike
11:28pm on 1 Dec 23 I support the Table tennis initiative
Chioma Odenigbo
3:21am on 2 Dec 23 I support this new initiative
Arinze Onyekaonwu
9:05am on 2 Dec 23 WooW I support the notion for the installation of Table Tennis Board. I strongly support.
Chijioke Ochubili
9:43am on 2 Dec 23 Good idea
Oluwafunmike Kudirat Idokoko
9:48am on 3 Dec 23 This i good idea. I Support
Oluseyi Hannah Ogundipe
10:56am on 15 Dec 23 i support it, its a good idea
Sylvester Kpodo
11:11am on 15 Dec 23 I support diversity and inclusion, and this definitely is a good idea worthy of my support.