How do I book tickets?

Our primary ticketing site is Native, however we work with many different promoters who use different outlets. Just be sure to use an official primary ticket seller and you’ll be fine!

Is there a Box Office so I can book ticket in person?

Our Box Office is only open from the door time stated on your ticket and we do not sell physical tickets from our venue. If you wish to buy in person we recommend Crash Records and Jumbo Records in Leeds City Centre.

Where is the Box Office located?

You will find us directly in front of you as you enter the venue via Portland Way.

If an event is sold out, can I get a ticket?

As annoying as seeing a show sold out can be, it normally means that all tickets are gone. Keep an eye on the event though, occasionally a few become available nearer the time. Follow our various social media channels to get the announcements as soon as they happen.

If I buy a ticket from someone outside, can I get in?

Whilst this is totally at your discretion, we do not condone the buying of tickets from touts. Touted tickets don’t help fans, artists or venues – and there’s a chance it might be invalid which would mean we couldn’t let you in. So sticking to reputable sellers is best for everyone.

I’ve bought my ticket on a ‘secondary site’, will I get in?

As reputable as some of these sites appear to be, we cannot 100% vouch for them, we’re afraid. Again, your ticket purchased through these outlets may have been cancelled at its original source.

Can I return or get a refund on my ticket?

Unfortunately not - refunds only apply to shows that get cancelled or rescheduled. Please therefore make sure you can definitely attend a show before buying tickets!

Why is there a cost for an e-ticket and what is the booking fee and why is it charged?

Every ticket agent will have different arrangements, but these normally cover the cost of fulfilling the order.

I haven’t received my tickets, what do I do?

Always contact the ticketing agent you purchased through in the first instance. We are unable to find your tickets directly other than via our ticketing site.

Where do I collect my tickets?

You’ll need to pick up your tickets from the aforementioned box office once doors have opened on the day of the show (usually 7pm).

What do I need to bring to collect my tickets at the venue?

A copy of the booking confirmation (either printed off or on your mobile phone), ID and the debit or credit card you used to buy them.

Someone else bought my tickets for me to collect, what do I need to do?

Just bring a letter of authorisation from whoever booked them for you, stating your name, the booking reference and the last four digits of the card they used to buy them.

Someone else booked my tickets online, can I use them?

Occasionally, some events might need you to prove with photo ID that you’re the person named on the actual ticket. If in doubt call us on 0113 81 28400.

What if I’ve lost or damaged my ticket or they’ve been stolen?

Unfortunately, the venue cannot help with this, so always contact your point-of-purchase who will hopefully be able to arrange duplicate tickets for you!

Is your venue accessible?

Our venue is fully accessible, but we are continually trying to improve our services and welcome your feedback on how we can be even better!

Do you have a wheelchair accessible space?

We would tend to position customers in wheelchairs or who require seating on a raised area within our main events hall, which is on the right as you face the stage. On entering the venue, our friendly security team will be happy to help position you within this space. I must stress this isn’t a specific disability viewing area; however we try our best to ensure you have adequate space around you. To book a space please email

Do you have accessible parking?

There is convenient public pay and display Car Park at the Rose Bowl across the road from the venue (for sat nav use LS1 3HB). The car park is split into two sections; directly outside the Rose Bowl there is an open-air car park and there is an underground car park below the Rose Bowl. Both are accessible via Portland Crescent. Blue badge spaces are located in the open-air pay and display car park.

Do you have a lift?

Yes, we have a lift for access.

What about toilets for people with disabilities?

There is a disabled toilet on the bar level – it requires a radar key that can be obtained from the bar or a member of security if needed.

Can I bring my Assistance Dog?

Of course!

I have an access requirement not listed, what should I do?

Please call us on 0113 81 28435 and we can go through your requirements.

Do you offer a companion’s ticket?

Yes! If you need a ticket for a companion or personal assistant, please just let us know before you book. We offer one companion ticket, free of charge, to provide support you need and additional assistance. To arrange this please email us on

Strobe lighting and effects

Most shows and events now use strobe lighting and smoke effects, but we’ll make sure there are signs up to let you know and you can also ask when you arrive. If this is an issue, please do let one of our team know, before or during an event.

Safety and security - what do we do?

The safety of our customers, staff and performers is of paramount importance and our management and security teams regularly review procedure and protocol with all staff. As with every live event, all arrangements are in continuous consultation and review with local authorities and the police. There are lots of things that go on behind the scenes too e.g. training exercises, new security measures – so please be patient if things take a little longer than you’re used to. Our venues are monitored at all times, but please can we ask for your help by arriving in good time as we carry out security searches on entry. If at any time you see or hear anything untoward, please speak to security – we’re here to help. Please plan ahead and do your best to travel as lightly as possible. As well as cloakroom facilities being limited, searches are in place, and we really don’t want to slow you down getting in. So if you really, really need to bring a bag, please make sure that it’s small (less than laptop size or a small handbag).

Is there seating at the venue?

We are a fully standing venue. However, we would tend to position customers who require seating due to medical reasons on a raised area within our main events hall, which is on the right as you face the stage. Please note accessible bookings MUST be pre-booked, you can do this by emailing us on On entering the venue our friendly security team will be happy to help position you in your allocated space. We must stress this isn’t a specific disability viewing area; however we try our best to ensure you have adequate space around you. Adjacent to the main room where the gig takes place is our bar area which also has seating in it should you require a break from the main room at all.

Is there a different age limit for each event?

Our shows are generally All Ages (Under 14’s MUST be accompanied by an adult over 18 / 14+ otherwise), however this can vary show to show and club nights are usually 18+. Please check your tickets or get in touch if you’re unsure.

What are Challenge 25 and No ID No Sale?

If you are lucky enough to look under 25 (even if you're 25 or older), you may be asked for ID.

How can I find out stage times?

Your ticket will state what time we open (usually 7pm) and curfews are generally 11pm. Stage times vary depending on number of acts performing, we normally post these out via social channels on the day of a show but are subject to change.

How can I prove my age/do I need ID?

Please bring a full or provisional driver’s licence or a PASS card as ID, and a valid passport will also be fine.

Is there a cloakroom/will I get in with my bag/helmet/suitcase?

Yes! We charge £1.50 per item. We recommend where possible you bring as little baggage with you as possible. The cloakroom is intended for coats ideally, not suitcases!

What if I lose my cloakroom ticket?

You’ll have to wait until the end of the event to identify your things.

I forgot to get my stuff out of the cloakroom after the show, what do I do?

Give us a call to arrange collection at a later date (0113 81 28400) – please note we can’t post items out and will only hold on to left items for as long as space allows!

Can I bring my own food and drink?

Sorry, but no – please ensure you’re well-fed beforehand as we cannot offer pass-outs either. Free drinking water is available from the bar.

I lost something at the show

Get in touch, hopefully we have found it! (0113 81 28400)

Is there a cash point/can I pay on card?

You can pay on card at the bar and get cashback if you wish. There is no cashpoint in the venue.

Where can I smoke or vape?

We have a dedicated smoking area located near the toilets and cloakroom (the lower ground floor). PLEASE under no circumstances smoke inside, this is against the law and you will be asked to leave. This includes e-cigarettes.

Will it be loud?

In most cases, yes! We do however offer free ear plugs from the bar should you need them. Exposure to loud music can cause lasting damage to your ears, so please always use ear plugs. Anyone bringing children should be responsible for protecting their little ears – staff will happily provide ear plugs on request.

Can I bring my camera/iPad/selfie-stick?

Non-professional cameras are fine (no large lenses), but please don’t bring iPads or selfie-sticks because you’ll be asked to leave them in the cloakroom and we can't guarantee their safety!

Can I leave the venue and come back again in between bands?

Sorry, but we don’t do ‘pass outs’ or re-admittance if you leave the building.

Is there strobe lighting or pyrotechnics?

Most shows use strobe lighting and smoke effects – if you have any questions regarding this or anything else please speak to a member of staff.

Will I be able to buy merchandise at the show?

Yes (assuming the band have brought some to sell!) The merch stand is in the bar area of the venue, you’ll see it on the way in.

Can I bring my medication with me?

Of course, if it’s absolutely necessary – speak to security as you enter the building should you need to bring anything to our attention regarding this.

Any reason why I wouldn’t get in?

Please don’t be drunk, under the influence of drugs, aggressive or rude. We all want to have a good time and none of these things help us achieve this.

Where are you and what’s your address?

We are located here on the corner of Woodhouse Lane and Portland Way in Leeds City Centre. Please do not get the venue confused with our Headingley Campus as we are NOT located there.

How do I get there by public transport, what’s the nearest travel stop?

Ride with Amber Cars, our official taxi partner. We’re in easy reach of many city centre bus routes, our local ones are numbers 33 and 757 from Caverley Street, Woodhouse Lane, Portland Way and Albion Street. Leeds Train Station is just 0.7 miles away.

Where can I leave my bicycle?

There are several bike racks available at the Rose Bowl car park across the road from the venue.