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The Student Academic Representation Assistants are both a part of LBSU and members of the student body. The main purpose of their role is to work with Course Reps and students within their schools to develop opportunities within the school and to create strong communities within the school and across pathways.

Each Student Academic Representation Assistant meets with key members of school staff including the Dean, relevant Subject Leads, and the Academic Services Manager to discuss issues within the school and how to best support students.

Student Academic Representation Assistants also chair the School Fora in their school each year where they will take on feedback from Course Reps in a formal setting and guide the conversation so that school staff have the chance to respond to students online or in-person. In this role, the SARA facilitates the discourse between staff and students to build relationships between the two to find common ground and work towards goals which are supportive of students.

Each of our Student Academic Representation Assistants will also be working on their own focus points that are relevant to their school. For example, Emily King in the Leeds School of Arts is currently working alongside the Lisa Stansbie (Dean) and Frazer Shelton (Academic Services Manager) to give the school’s foyer space a new purpose in bringing together work from students across multiple courses in a collaborative exhibition space that will spark discussion amongst students from across the school.

The Student Academic Representation Assistants also represent students in their school at the School Academic Committee where they are able to update on their role and achievements to school staff, as well as be involved in the discussions that go on in the school away from the classroom.

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