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Leeds Domestic Violence Service (LDVS) is a consortium of Leeds Women's Aid, Behind Closed Doors, and Women's Health Matters. LDVS supports all people in Leeds affected by domestic violence and abuse

Leeds Women's Aid provides refuge services, drop in services, and the 24 hour helpline on behalf of Leeds Domestic Violence Service.  Behind Closed Doors provides the Community (outreach) service, and Women's Health Matters run support groups.

Breakfast Bite provides pay-as-you-feel breakfasts for students on City Campus from 9.30- 11am every Thursday morning during term time! Looking for a hot affordable breakfast on campus? This is your spot! 

You can choose from instant oats, toast and Idli (Indian rice cakes) or grab a cup of tea or coffee before heading to your lectures. 

It's right at Eco Soup by The Hive, and you can even bring your own bowl or cup for a free drink!