About Us

We work with people and organisations, using practical action projects and creative processes to bring people together, get things un-stuck and move towards the sustainable futures we all want.

Open Source Arts works for the benefit of the environment, society and the arts.  We believe these elements are intrinsically linked, and each one benefits from the strength of the other. This is exemplified in our portfolio of partners and activities.  

Open Source Arts engages communities to actively create better places for themselves to live in, whilst showcasing and encouraging creativity, environmental and social sustainability. We are passionate about relating well, both to each other within our team and outwardly within our community and our city. We aim to strengthen networks in our communities, believing that when communities are well connected and more equitable, people have more space to think about improving things for themselves, for others and for the environment- rather than simply thinking about their own survival.


Open Source Arts is based in a homely urban warehouse space opposite ITV Studios on Kirkstall Road.  From our base we host regular, open to everyone sessions in a range of disciplines, including circus, dance, yoga, music, as well as practical making skills.  We couple this with a programme of many other performance, wellbeing and practical life skills workshops and courses which help people develop their personal skills portfolio.  We believe that resilience comes not only from diversity of connection but also from diversity of skills in our community and our skill-up & make-it-yourself ethos is at our core!