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Trans community

Led by the Trans Representative, our community organise on behalf of students at Leeds Beckett who self-identify under the Trans umbrella (including but not limited to the following identities: agender, androgyne, gender-fluid, genderqueer, transgender, transsexual, transvestite, neutrois, non-binary) and those who are questioning their gender identity.

Our manifesto outlines our vision for making Trans students' lives better. We recognise that over time priorities change, students come and go with new ideas and it is intended that this manifesto will change with them, adding new priorities and celebrating achievements as they occur.

Alongside our friends from other marginalised groups, we all agree that it is our responsibility to promote greater intersectionality and inclusivity of students, including but not limited to faith, disability, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation and race.

We do not tolerate racist, anti-Semitic, islamophobic, fascist, sexist, xenophobic, ableist, LGBT-phobic or ageist views expressed within our space and consider these views, by their very nature to be threatening and intimidating to our members and our values.

Manifesto Priorities



  • We will work to strengthen the engagement of the Campaign with Trans students, providing particular focus on ensuring that we are representative of intersecting identities such as Trans students of colour and Trans feminine identities.

  • We will build strong relationships with Trans organisations throughout Leeds to ensure that Trans students have access to a strong support network.

  • We willparticipate in open days to provide information about the Trans Students' Campaign and support services available to new students to reassure potential Trans students that Leeds Beckett University is an open, includive and supportive environment for trans students


Inclusivity for Trans Students


  • We will campaign for non-binary legal recognition in any consultation that takes place on the Gender Recognition Act.

  • We will lobby the University for an increase in the number of gender-neutral toilets on campus, ensuring that existing provision is well publicised and that the facilities are fit for purpose.

  • We will run a campaign to inform people that Trans and non-binary students may use whichever toilet they feel comfortable with and empower these students to challenge discrimination by others in the bathrooms.

  • We will lobby for sanitary bins to be provided in every toilet to support Trans men and non-binary students who menstruate and ensure there is always an appropriate toilet available when needed.

  • We will lobby the University to refurbush the communal showers in sports facilities to ensure that these are accessible to Tran students who may feel uncomfortable using communal facilities.

  • We will lobby the University to amend all forms that require identifying information to include gender identity and pronouns.

  • We will promote and distribute a pronouns badge to support positive conversations about gender identity.

  • We will lobby the University to introduce pronoun declaration in all meetings and provide guidance about pronouns and the importance of not misgendering an individual.


Trans Awareness


  • We will lobby for Trans awareness training for all staff within the University and Students' Union, to ensure that Trans students feel comfortable, understood and respected by all members of staff they meet.

  • We will raise awareness with both staff and students the need to be conscious of language during lectures and seminar, to ensure students are not misgendered, and reduce the level of gendered language.

  • We will work constructively with the University for the improved understanding of lecturers and tutors of their students' individual needs to ensure Trans students can learn in an inclusive environment.


Health & Wellbeing


  • We will lobby Leeds City Council and the Leeds NHS Trust to promote Trans inclusive healthcare to ensure that our students are supported appropriately and efficiently.

  • We will campaign for better and specialised mental health support for Trans students and those with intersecting identities, who are disproportionately impacted by poor mental health.




  • We will lobby the University to provide specialist housing support and advice for Trans students to ensure that Trans students who are experiencing difficulties with transphobic housemates or feeling anxious about living with stranger during transition.


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