Stance against Voluntourism

by Barbara Pereira 14 October 2019, 10:59

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Wanting to do good isn’t in itself a bad thing, but when looking into travelling abroad paying £1000+ on a one or two-week programme can do more harm than good. The volunteer tourism industry itself is now worth 173billion US dollars. A lot of the holidays presented by these, what are essentially travel agencies, add to the white saviour complex that we as a students’ union have the responsibility to help dismantle, not add too.   

LBSU needs to stand against voluntourism, both in what we promote to students at events such as freshers’ but also in what we offer as volunteer opportunities. We must acknowledge that voluntourism is something that many see as a quick solution for wanting to do good, be abroad and do it quick. Yet, I believe that if we educate ourselves, we can support students in wanting to explore volunteering opportunities suitable for them, that are ethical.

Here are some quick links to read more about the serious implications voluntourism has:


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    Thomas Edward Sims   wrote, 18-10-2019 - 14:27

    Fully support this motion and will be covering this issue with the Student Newspaper.

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    Student Voice   wrote, 26-11-2019 - 11:44

    This idea was approved for action at the Student Activities Forum on Monday 11 October 2019 and the Students' Union will now work with students to try and make this happen. Updates on progress towards achieving this idea will be posted here.

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