Provide cleaning materials in the library

by Clare Doherty 28 November 2019, 10:40

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Thanks for submitting an idea on Have Your Say. Unfortunately, on this occasion the idea has not received the required 50 engagements (thumbs up, thumbs down or comments) to be sent to a discussion forum for approval. 

The Library have confirmed that as long as they have enough in stock, they can supply wipes upon request. Cleaning in the Library has also been increased recently so this may help to alleviate the problem. 

Please do continue to submit more great ideas on Have Your Say idea in the future.

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We need to be able to clean the library desk and keyboard and mouse for infection control and to feel comfortable to study.


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    Nusrat Bibi   wrote, 17-12-2019 - 14:48

    I agree with this idea good way of keeping infection control.

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    Laura Jane Vousden   wrote, 17-12-2019 - 15:37

    good idea!! the desks are so gross sometimes

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