Modernise laundry facilities at Sugarwell Court!

by Emily Richards 20 October 2019, 18:59

Category: Halls or Housing

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Sugarwell laundry room

The laundry facilities at Sugarwell Court are not adequate for the number of residents. There are 6 tumble dryers and 5 washing machines between roughly 400 students.

To make matters even worse, it is rare to walk into the laundry room (which is extremely small and cramped) and find that all machines are in working order. This is as a result of the facitlities being extremely outdated and coupled with poor perofrmance (not drying clothes despite taking the money for it).

Furthermore, it is not always possible to have the EXACT right money, which is required for use of these machines, meaning that you can lose out financially as change is not given back, only deducted from the next cycle.

A review of other Leeds Beckett accommodation sites has revealed that their laundry facilities have been modernised and improved (laundry apps and payment via debit cards), however Sugarwell Court remains in the stone age. 


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