Extend Free Shuttle Bus between Sugarwell, Kirkstall and the two campuses

by Samantha Zoe Taylor 22 October 2019, 13:13

Category: Halls or Housing

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At the current time the Sugarwell Court free shuttle bus caters to Headingley and the Kirkstall free shuttle bus caters to the city campus and only during the day time. 

From the Sugarwell perspective just as many students go to the city campus as go to the Headingley campus. If you are on a tight budget such as MA students that are initially reliant on SFE Funding, bus and taxis are out the question and walking to city is some times not safe, especially when it's wet, cold or coming back from an MA evening class.

Therefore I suggest that the shuttle buses that are available for Kirkstall and Sugarwell should cater for both campuses and run late, if not for health reasons then at least for student safety.


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