Environmentally friendly coffee machines with option to use own cup

by Gabija Navickaite 18 October 2019, 12:13

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The automatic coffee machines at the university don't give you the option of using your own reusable cup as a plastic cup is directly provided from within the machine itself.

This means that if we bring our own cup to reduce waste, we would still have to use a plastic one to get the coffee, pour it into our own cup and bin the plastic one. This only creates unnecessary waste.

Instead of this, the coffee machines should allow us to be able to only use our own reusable cup, or choose to get a plastic one if we need it.


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    Eva McQuade   wrote, 29-10-2019 - 14:43

    Thank you so much for this! Really needed! Also, the other day I bought a coffee from the Gaia cafe, I gave them my re-usable cup, but unfortunately it didnt fit under the machine. So the only option they had was to use a disposable one and pour it into my takeaway one! They should look at getting a small glass or mug for esspressos to solve this problem.

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