Hey, I’m Jack!

I was your Vice President Education last year and now I'm your Students' Union (SU) President! I represent you daily with your interests at the heart of everything I do. One way I do this is by sitting on University boards to ensure your student voice is heard by the University. As President, I am also a Trustee for the SU to make sure the work carried out across the organisation is geared towards our aim of making students’ lives better.

I studied Games Design here at Leeds Beckett, during my studies I was part of multiple societies and was a leader of Vegetarian and Vegan Society in my final year. Societies are what introduced me to the SU and I would encourage everyone to go and have a look at what societies there are as there is something for everyone.

I’m into gaming (if my degree didn’t express this enough) and am extremely competitive. I have taken up Thai Boxing this past year and have become obsessed with it; something about being hit in the face is really gratifying… I'm also into running and did the Leeds Half-Marathon 2018 which has inspired me to never put myself through such a painful task again. That being said, I’ll probably do it again next year.

If you're interested in getting involved with the SU then please get in touch for a chat about anything, also if you are having any problems at Uni don’t hesitate to drop me a message and I’ll see how we can help.


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