I’m Charlie and I’m your Vice President Education for this year at the Students' Union (SU)!

This means I’ll be your first port of call for any academic issues or things you’d like to change about the University. I’m also a Student T on the Board of Trustees that makes all the important decisions on the direction of the SU.

I studied Politics and have been involved in all things with the SU from campaigning for Free Education to putting on club nights raising money for Palestine.

Oh, and I’m also a black belt in kickboxing! I love hip-hop, from A Tribe Called Quest all the way up to Lil Wayne and Young Thug.

This generation of students is one of the hardest hit by austerity. We’re poorer than the last generation, and paying nine times more to be at University than students were 20 years ago! That’s why I want to spend my time as your VP Education trying to make being a student in Austerity Britain as painless as possible.

I want to make it easier for those of us struggling to study while having to work a job on the side, I want to make sure we get more for the extortionate fees we’re paying (while always fighting for free education and the return of grants!) and I’m going to war with the culture of unpaid internships… all while making sure the student experience at Leeds Beckett is as fun and enjoyable as possible!


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