Your Exec Team are elected by you, to lead the Students’ Union. From equality and diversity to student-led activities, the Exec Team are here to make students’ lives better, by addressing the many different needs of the student body.

As your representatives, the Exec Team listen to your ideas and wishes, communicating them to the Students’ Union, the University and the City of Leeds, to get them considered at the highest of levels. Examples of this are campaigns such as ‘Light Up Beckett Park’, ‘Starbucks on Campus’ and ‘Inter-Society Nights’.

Alongside backing your proposals, the Exec Team will continue to push forward their manifestos, which you voted for to improve student life at Leeds Beckett. So expect to see work taking place over the next year around things such as; creating, increasing and campaigning for health services for students within the University, early access to module information, strengthening the liberation networks, getting fair pay for placements, campaigning for Wednesday afternoons to be taken off the timetable, and so much more!

Just remember, the Exec Team are here to represent you, so get in touch and tell us what you think would make students’ lives better!

Now introducing your Exec Team for 2017/18:


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