Beckett Award:

The Beckett Award is the Union’s very own accreditation scheme. Students who take part in extracurricular activities run by the Students’ Union, such as Course Representatives or Society members can gain recognition for the work that they undertake outside of their degree. All of your work as a Course Representative contributes towards the Beckett Award, so it’s really important that you log your efforts and get the recognition that you deserve for your work.

To find out more about the Beckett Award and to enrol click here.

Students’ Union Awards:

Each year the Students’ Union recognises and celebrates the achievements of students, showing our gratitude for the energy and time they put into a society, volunteering, a campaign or being a Course Representative. There are dedicated awards categories for the best Course Representatives who represent their students and enact change on their behalf.

Student Council and Full-time Executive Officers

Course Reps are the first level in Leeds Beckett’s academic representation. Those of you that really enjoy the role and want to get even more out of it, should stand for Student Council. There are loads of different roles available, including General Rep, LGBTQ* Rep, Mental Health Rep as well as the thirteen School Reps, who oversee the Course Reps in their respective schools.

You could also consider standing to become one of the five full-time Exec Officers. These are five students elected by the wider student body to lead and represent them. They consist of the SU President, the Vice President Education, the Vice President Welfare & Community, the Vice President Equality & Diversity, and the Vice President Activities.

For more information about standing for election click here.


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