Hi there! I’m Charlie, your Vice President Education, and I’d like to congratulate you on becoming a Course Rep!
You play an important role in the Students’ Union and University, helping to improve your course by providing us with feedback directly from your peers and driving to make change happen. If your University experience is anything like mine has been, your course may have some ups and downs throughout your studies, but the Students’ Union is here to help you to step up and work together with your tutors on the issues you may face as a course.
Your role will give you experience in many areas; being able to solve problems that students come to you with, being able to identify themes from the problems brought to you, and providing this information to university staff and us here at the SU. From this you will be able to shape your course from a group of students into a real community, tied together with mutual solidarity.
As a Course Rep you are a key source of feedback, being able to communicate with students and University Staff and Academics. Without you this wouldn’t happen and students’ feedback wouldn’t be heard.
My role as your Vice President Education is to help make sure you have all the support you need during your time as a Course Rep. If you ever need any assistance, support or just a bit of advice from me, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or social media!


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