Communicating with your cohort:

As a representative of your peers, it is important that you speak to the other students on your course and get their feedback and thoughts on the student experience. How you do this is up to you, but it should be done to best suit the needs of the students on your course.

Social media tends to work well and you will be given guidance on how to do this, as well as how to arrange a lecture shout-out in your training.

You might also like to consider liaising with your Course Administrators as they have access to all student email addresses and could be vital in making sure the students on your course know what is going on.

Communicating with your course team & the University:

At the start of the year you should agree with your Course Director the most effective methods and times for the mutual giving and receiving of feedback. It is important that this feedback loop is maintained and supported throughout the academic year.

Communicating with the Students’ Union:

School Forums are the main method through which you will communicate with the Students’ Union. These meetings occur 5 times each year, and are a key opportunity for you to pass on any feedback (positive or negative) and discuss any issues which you may have resolved or which need resolving.

The School Forum is chaired by your School Rep and your Subject Reps will also be in attendance. A member of staff from the Students’ Union, the Vice President Education and sometimes the Dean of the School will also be present to provide support. It is really important that you attend these meetings, as it is one of the main duties in your role.

Communicating with Subject Reps:

New to the system this year is the role of Subject Rep. These students sit between the Course Reps and the School Reps, and form an essential role in gathering your feedback and giving it to the Students’ Union. If your subject doesn’t have a Rep, and you’re interested in the role, get in touch with the Student Voice team to find out more.  We will be recruiting for these in November, and the role will run from January 2018 to December 2018, so you need to ensure you will be a Leeds Beckett student within that time.


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