Course Representatives for us are one of the most vital ways of finding out about the student experience at Leeds Beckett and how we can continually improve our service as both a Union and a University.

Each year we have about 900 Course Representatives who are dedicated to working on behalf of their fellow students to gather feedback and resolve any issues - Course Reps are also a fantastic way of identifying best practice. Both the Students’ Union and University are committed to maintaining and improving our Course Representative system.

This section is intended for Leeds Beckett Students' Union and Leeds Beckett University staff members only.

Staff Guidance

We understand that it’s often hard to get to grips with everything in the University - especially if you are a new staff member, and Course Representatives are no exception!

Course Reps are vital to monitoring and assessing the student experience at Leeds Beckett and help both the University and the Students’ Union identify any issues as well as areas of good practice.

Check out the Factsheet at which will be available soon.


We understand that electing Course Representatives is not always a straightforward process and this is where we can help! The Student Voice team are always on hand to chat about Course Representative elections and we even come into classes when invited to encourage your cohort to consider putting themselves forward.

Course Representatives should be elected during the induction period for the course. We advise that Course Representatives are elected on a ratio of one representative per 30 students.

After Course Representatives are recruited their details should be sent to where a central register is maintained. The Students’ Union will then contact the Course Representatives regarding training and their attendance at School Forums.

It is vital that all Course Representative details are passed on, as instructed, because this allows an accurate register to be collated and maintained, as well as the Course Representatives to be contacted regarding training and provided with any key opportunities or messages associated with the role.

You can find more detailed guidance on recruitment in the Staff Guidance - if you would like to arrange for a member of the Student Voice team to visit a class to talk about Course Representation or to deliver a Students’ Union induction talk please email


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