Society Elections

Interested in leading a society? Would you like to enhance your CV, build your networks, socialise and be part of the Beckett Award? Then you should be thinking about becoming a society leader!

Many of our societies are recruiting for additional roles within their committee. See below for more information on which societies are recruiting!

If you have any questions, please email

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Societies with empty committee roles 👇

Active Societies

Climbing Society: Treasurer
St John Ambulance Society: President, Secretary, Treasurer
Yoga Society: President, Secratary, Treasurer

Course-based Societies

Biomedical Society: Secretary
Creative Society: President, Secretary, Treasurer
Criminology Society: President, Secretary
Economics Society: Secretary
Fashion Society: Secretary, Treasurer
History Society: President, Secretary, Treasurer
International Business: Secretary, Treasurer
Junior Barristers Society: Secretary, Treasurer
Planning Society: Secretary, Treasurer
PR & Journalism Society: President, Secretary, Treasurer
Politics & International Relations Society: President, Secretary, Treasurer
Postgrad Society: PhD Student Rep, Mres Student Rep

Media Societies

LB News Society: President, Secretary, Treasurer

General Interest Societies

CUE-DJ Society: President, Secretary, Treasurer
Debating Society: Secretary. Treasurer
Equals Society: Secretary, E&D Officer, Events Officer, Social Media Officer
Games Society: Social Media Lead, Esports Lead
Harry Potter Society: President, Secretary, Treasurer
Improv Society: Treasurer
Musical Theatre Society: President, Secretary, Treasurer
Photography Society: Secretary, Treasurer, Events coordinator
Pop Punk/ Alternative/ Indie Society Elections 2019/2020: President, Secretary, Treasurer
Rock and Metal SocietyElections 2019/2020: President, Secretary, Treasurer
Writing Society: President, Secretary, Treasurer

Political and Campaigning Societies

Labour Society: Secretary, Treasurer
Sustainability Society Elections 2019/2020: President, Secretary, Treasurer
VegSoc: President, Treasurer

Faith and Cultural Societies

ACS Society Elections 2019/2020: Secretary, Treasurer, Social Media Coordinator, Sports Coordinator
Bahrain Society Elections 2019/2020: Secretary, Treasurer
Beckett For Palestine Society Elections 2019/2020: President, Secretary, Treasurer
ISOC Society Elections2019/2020: President, Secretary, Treasurer

Fundraising Societies

Coppafeel society: Treasurer
Guide Dogs Society: Events rep
RAG Society Elections 2019/2020: President, Secretary, Treasurer


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