The Course Rep handbook provides a brief overview of your role and responsibilities however the whole Students' Union website is your hub of information related to life at Leeds Beckett.

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Democratic Structure

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Course Rep Structure

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The Role

As a Course Rep you are expected to represent your course and feed their views back to the University. You will act as a link between your course, the Students’ Union and the University, finding out how students feel about their course and helping make changes to improve the overall student experience at Leeds Beckett University. 
Within this role, you will be working closely with your Course Director, your School Rep and the Students’ Union to make meaningful, long-lasting change which will improve your course for not only your cohort, but also for future students. 

As a course rep you should be;

  • Approachable – people should be able to talk to you about issues they may have with the course

  • Motivated – you are the voice of your course

  • Able to communicate effectively

  • Confident feeding back to the university and your course


Your Responsibilities

As a Course Rep there are lots of things for you to get involved with. These are the most important things that you should be doing as a Course Rep:

  • Attend a Course Rep training session

  • Collect feedback from your course

  • Attend three School Forums which will be held throughout the year

  • Bring feedback to the School Forums to represent your cohort

  • Feed back to your course about any actions being taken 

  • Work with your academic staff to bring about change and have a positive impact on your course


School Forums

A School Forum is where all Course Reps within your school will meet to discuss feedback that has been collected. These forums will be chaired by your School Rep and are held 3 times per year. This is where you can raise any feedback you have been given from your course, or highlight any successes you have had as a Course Rep. 

School Forum Top Tips 

  • Be Prepared – make sure you have collected feedback before attending  

  • Listen – listen and be respectful of what others have to say  

  • Ask Questions – don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re confused or unsure about anything

  • Make Notes – take notes of what is said to help you feedback afterwards

  • Be positive and constructive – share ideas for improvements to be constructive

You can find more information on School Forums here.


Top Tips

Communication and Collecting Feedback

  • Be creative!

  • Know your course; different approaches work for different courses

  • Make sure people know who you are

  • Make good use of the resources available to you – lecture shouts are a great way to engage with people, and so is social media

Closing the Feedback Loop

  • Feedback your success – Shout about it! If you’d made a change let the students in your cohort know.

  • Feedback even if it’s a ‘no’ – even if you haven’t made change, let the course know the reasons why so they know their voices are still being heard. 

  • Log your success – let the SU know about the changes you have made through our online ‘Log a Success’ tool. It doesn’t m


Benefits & Rewards

  • Course Rep of the Month – every month the Student Voice team will look at the work that Course Reps have been doing to pick a Course Rep of the month. In order to win Course Rep of the Month you need to tell us what you are doing by using our online Log a Success tool. 

  • Beckett Award – 

  • Course Rep Community – as a Course Rep you will be invited to our Course Rep Socials. This is a great way to meet new people that you may not have met otherwise at the university.
    These are also an opportunity for you to talk to the Students’ Union about your progress as a Rep and a chance for you to network with other Course Reps to find out the changes being made on other courses and schools. 

  • Workshops – Throughout the year you will be invited to a range of different workshops that we will be putting on. These will give you the opportunity to develop new skills and give you more experiences to add to your CV. 


Key Dates

School Forums 

  • 25 November – 6 December

  • 10 February – 21 February

  • 23 March – 3 April

Course Rep Socials

  • Monday 4 November – 16:00 – 19:00

  • Friday 13 December 


  • Term 1 Elections: Wednesday 9 October – Friday 11 October 

  • Officer Elections: Monday 24 February – Friday 28 February



As a Course Rep there is a wealth of support available to you, and the SU team is here to support you and help you succeed in your role.

The Student Voice Team are here to help with all matters course rep related, and can also help you get more involved with the SU if this is something you are interested with. We deal with Course Reps, the BAME Ambassador Scheme, Equality Groups, Leadership Elections and research. 

Your Education Officer is also here to support you as a Course Rep, and you can get in touch with them about any course related issues you may have, or if you want to get involved with their projects for the year!

Your School Rep is also a great contact to have, as they will be chairing the forums and will be able to help you with issues you have relating to your course and more widely, your school.



Sometimes a student may come to you with a problem that you can’t deal with such as finance or mental health. We want you to feel confident signposting students to the right services so they can get the help and support they need. 
You can find information about all the Student Support Services and what they offer on the University's dedicated webpage:

Sometimes, students may come to you with problems that you can’t deal with, such as issues around student finance, appeals/mitigation, and mental health. As a course rep, it isn’t your responsibility to handle this, and there are many ways you can signpost students to help so they can get the correct support, but also utilise these yourself should you need them: 

  • The SU Advice Service offers impartial, non-judgemental and confidential support on a range of issues. 

  • The Student Support section of the University website provides a number of options regarding support with academic, personal, and employment issues.

  • There is the online counselling service Kooth which can be accessed by any Leeds Beckett student using their university email.


Key Contacts

Course Directors
School Rep

Student Voice

Education Officer - Sherry Iqbal



Attend Course rep training 

  • Join the ‘Leeds Beckett Course Reps’ group on Facebook

  • Attend a Course Rep Workshop

  • Attend School Forum

  • Email your Course Director to introduce yourself or set up a meeting 

  • Make sure your cohort knows who their course rep is

  • Attend Course Rep social event 

  • Explore the ‘Log a Success’ tool

  • Have a look on the ‘Have your say’ Webpage


Jargon Buster

  • School Forum – School forums are where you can provide feedback to your school rep about the views of your cohort, and raise any issues you have found. They happen 3 times a year, and usually last for around 90 minutes. 

  • School Rep – The school reps are elected in October and work alongside the course reps to make change within the schools, and more specifically within courses. They are also responsible for chairing the school forums. 

  • Officers – Your Officer Team are elected by you, to lead the Students’ Union. The Officers are here to make students’ lives better and address the many different needs of the student body.
    The Officer Team listen to your ideas and wishes, communicating them to the Students’ Union, the University and the City of Leeds, to get them considered at the highest of levels.

  • Cohort – This is the group of students on your course who are in your year.

  • Declaration of Interest – if you stand to gain something from a point raised in a forum or committee, you must declare your interest so that people are aware of this potential gain. 

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