Student Campaign Grants

The Student Campaign Grant is open to any student of Leeds Beckett, whether you’re applying as an individual, group, or society. 

There’s £2,000 available in total for the year, and you’re able to apply for up to £200 for a campaign.

The fund is there for activities that can be explicitly understood as campaigns, which we roughly define as, “organised actions around a specific issue seeking to bring about changes in the policy and/or behaviours of institutions or specific public groups”. These actions can be targeted at the University itself and any of its internal bodies, students, or wider society. 

The campaign can be completely original, or be one that another organisation has developed, such as the NUS, environmental organisations, trade and social unions, advocacy groups, etc.

If you’re interested these are the steps for applying and hopefully securing funding:

•    Read our campaign-planning guide that can be found here (hyperlink).
•    Fill out the application form below
•    You’ll then be invited to speak to the Student-Led Change Coordinator or the Student Campaign Grant Panel to discuss your application.
•    The Student Campaign Grant Panel will then make a decision on whether to fund your campaign.
•    If successful, you’ll be expected to provide feedback to the Students’ Union on your campaign.

If you have any questions about applying to the fund please get in touch by emailing


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