Art Society

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The Art society creates opportunities in which young artists or enthusiasts can learn and discuss various aspects of the art world and culture. It is for those who have an interest in the arts and being creative. If you would like to be part of the arts scene, then this is the society for you.


We are interested in hosting exhibitions and collaborating with other students and societies to build a bigger community.




We are currently looking for students to re-establish the Art Society.

In order to activate the group again, we require 3 students from Leeds Beckett to take the following roles:


President: Chairs meetings // Key contact with the Students’ Union // Ensures the committee works towards the societies aims and objectives // Ensures the long-term sustainability of the society and takes charge of handover.



Secretary:  Ensures the meetings run effectively by producing an agenda and keeping accurate minutes and sending them to the Students’ Union as required. // Prepares risk assessments with the support of the rest of the committee. // Keeps an up to date record of any equipment the society 



Treasurer: Manages and keeps up to date records of the society’s account.  // Organises the paperwork for all financial transactions agreed by the rest of the committee. // Makes sure the account does not get overdrawn.




If you are interested in one of the roles, please contact 


Click on the link if you would like to complete a society application pack: 

Registered in England Company Number: 7103465
Registered Charity Number: 1139314