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Leeds Beckett ACS is all about uniting people from different cultures and different walks of life. We aim to unite all cultures and to learn from each other and have fun whilst doing that.


We aim to raise awareness about issues that affect young people and create a professional network for Afro - Caribbean students.


Our events this year will include our traditional meet and greet at the beginning of the academic year, an event to celebrate black history month, socials and our now regular football and netball tournaments with other northern ACSs.  




Ruth Waweru


Nancy Madzonga


Ade Tunyoriokupe
Treasurer Charity Sibanda


We're currently recruiting for:

  • Social Media Officer
  • Sports Coordinator

Interested in taking a committee leadership role or know someone that would be perfect for the job?

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For more information about any of our events please get in touch with us: