This year the categories in the Golden Robes are split into student-led, staff led and student/staff led. All of these categories aim to celebrate the amazing work that goes on in the Leeds Beckett community. Filling in a nomination takes no time at all and you can submit as many different nominations as you would like. So whether it’s one staff member in one category or multiple staff members per single category it doesn’t matter!


Here are all the categories that Leeds Beckett Students can nominate in:

Best Lecturer

This award is for a lecturer that really stands out for you; someone who delivers interesting and engaging sessions that make you want to get up for every 09:00 lecture.

Best Course Team

If you think your entire Course Team excels at everything they do, from delivering your lectures to providing outstanding support, then nominate them for this award.

Best Module

Have you taken a module that interested, challenged and excited you? Whether it involved ways of learning that you’d never experienced, or its content was particularly great, if your module was awesome, nominate it here.

Best Feedback

This award is for a tutor whose feedback really stands out as an example of inspiring you to develop yourself. Helpful, constructive and timely feedback might be what matters most to you, or perhaps an innovative method that really works. Nominate your tutor if their tips and pointers are those that help you the most as a student.

Best Course Director

Your Course Director is the person who oversees your entire course, making sure it runs smoothly, your teaching is of the highest standard, and that your voices as students are heard. If your Course Director does all this and more, nominate them for this award.

Best Dissertation Supervisor

If you have had a dissertation supervisor that always pushes you to aim higher and make your work even better, or that has provided vital support in a stressful time, nominate them for this award.

Best Academic Advisor

This award is for an Academic Advisor that has helped students with anything they need while studying at Leeds Beckett University, and has distinguished themselves while doing this.

Unsung Hero

If there's a person in the Leeds Beckett community that works beyond the classroom to make a positive difference to studying here, and doesn't get the recognition they deserve, then nominate them as your unsung hero.


Staff and Student Led

Here are all the categories that Leeds Beckett Students, Leeds Beckett Staff and Students' Union Staff can nominate in:

Highlight of the Year

This is an opportunity to recognise an outstanding experience, event, project or any other high point that you'll always remember from your time here and the people that made it possible.

Contribution to Diversity and Inclusion

This award recognises an individual or team who has showcased outstanding initiatives and/or made significant contributions to ensuring that Leeds Beckett is a diverse and inclusive place to work and study.


Staff Led

Here are all the categories that Leeds Beckett Staff and Students' Union Staff can nominate in:

Outstanding Contribution to Innovation

This is an opportunity to recognise an individual or a team who has used their creativity to make a positive impact on the way we work, the services we offer, or the experiences of our colleagues and students.

Researcher of the Year

This award is for an individual who has demonstrated research excellence over the course of the past year. They will have done this through research outputs, income generation and/or evidence of esteem as well as a commitment to promoting a research culture through active collaboration and support for colleagues seeking to expand their research horizons.

Team of the Year

This award is for a team who have demonstrated, through working together, that they have made a significant and positive impact. This could be an established working team, or a collection of colleagues from different areas who have worked collaboratively on a project or initiative.

Leader of the Year

This award is for a leader who has inspired their staff to fulfil their potential, achieve great results and take pride in the work that we do.

Colleague of the Year

This award is for an individual who you believe consistently demonstrates a commitment to working collaboratively with others. Tell us what they do to deserve the title of 'Colleague of the Year'.


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