When are the next elections?

The next General Election is scheduled to be held on 5th May 2022. It could be brought forward however.

Find more information about elections in the Leeds City Council area here. Your local Council webpage should tell you details for your area.

Can I vote in both my home and term-time constituencies?

No you can only vote in one constituency but you can register in both.
Who can vote?

To vote in the election you must be:

  • 18 years old or above
  • Registered to vote by the registerion deadline of an election
  • A British citizen
  • An EU citizen resident in the UK
  • A qualifying Commonwealth citizen* resident in the UK 

You will need to make sure you are registered to vote. If you’re not sure if you have or not or think you may have moved house since the last time you registered we recommend  re-registering just to make sure. All you just need your National Insurance number. 

Go to this page to make sure you are registered.

Who should I vote for?

In a democracy you have the right to vote for whichever party/candidate you want. When voting you should consider the voting record of candidates and how well they will represent you and your constituency. You may also consider the party you would overall like to see in control of the local council, as your vote will directly affect this.

What if there is no one I would like to vote for?

If there are no parties or candidates that you want to vote for, an alternative is spoiling your ballot. To spoil your ballot, you must make a clear, definable mark on your ballot that does not indicate any preference for any of the candidates. You must be careful to not allow this mark to go within the box of any of the candidates, as this may be confused as a vote for them. Spoiling is a genuine option at every election, and is much better than simply not voting. By spoiling, you are keeping your voice, and saying that none of the candidates match up with your political opinions. 

Things to do

  • You can check which party best alligns with you political beliefs here.
  • You can find out where you political views generally fall ideologically on Political Compass.
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