Want to earn a bit of extra cash? Become a Freshers Rep with us and get 10% on every wristband referral! It's easy to get started. Follow the instructions below and in a few simple clicks you'll be good to go.


Step 1 - Sign up to Fatsoma

Head to www.fatsoma.com and register for free. 


Step 2 - Click "Become A Rep"

You'll need to be on the Leeds Beckett Students' Union page: leedsbeckettsu.fatsoma.com. If it looks like the screenshot below, you're in the right place. Now click the "Become a Rep" button highlighted below. You should see a confirmation message like the one below.


Step 3 - Get your unique link

Now all that's left to do is share your unique link. To find it, click "Rep" in the navingation bar then click "Promote" on Leeds Beckett SU Freshers Wristband. You'll see a pop-up like the one below containing your link.


Step 4 - Get sharing!

Now you've got your link, get sharing it! For every wristband sold via your link, you'll get paid 10%! 



Please note: Any commission earned will be available to writhdrawn from your dashboard 3 days after Freshers week has ended.

If you require further information or have any questions, please contact SUMediaSales@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

Registered in England Company Number: 7103465
Registered Charity Number: 1139314