Each of the Officer roles available has very different responsibilities but there are some activities that will bring you together and unite you as a team.

These roles are perfect for you if you want to drive forward improvements to the student experience, to passionately represent our members and if you thrive in an environment that will see you spend a great deal of your time out on campus talking to students. The important thing to remember is that you will not be expected to do all of this on your own; there is a wealth of support and expertise available to you to help you achieve your goals.

It is impossible to list everything that you will undertake in these roles but click on each of the roles below for a better idea of what you’ll be expected to undertake.

Start Date: July 2019
Expected Hours of Work: 37 hours per week (average) with occasional evening and weekend commitments.
Remuneration: c.£18,000
Who can stand for this role? All Leeds Beckett students may stand. Final year students will take office from July for one year at the end of their course. Students who are partway through their course may take a year out of their studies.

If you'd like to know more about any of these roles or want a chat with the Student Voice team, you can contact them at studentvoice@leedsbeckett.ac.uk.


Collective Duties of Full-Time Officers

  • To be trustees in the capacity of Officer Trustees on the Board of Trustees;

  • To campaign and consult members on their views and speak on their behalf;

  • To promote, defend and extend the rights of members;

  • To interpret, implement and uphold Union policy;

  • To be responsible both to and for the Executive Committee as a whole;

  • To ensure the Union membership are kept up to date on the actions of the Executive Committee;

  • To fulfil their roles as outlined in the Full-time Officer role descriptions and to support, where appropriate, other student representatives in the fulfilment of their roles;

  • To liaise with external organisations appropriate to individual roles;

  • To steer the work of the senior management team to ensure the Union works for students;

  • To act as spokespersons for the Union.


Purpose of the Union Affairs Officer


Formerly known as the SU President, the Union Affairs Officer will be responsible for ensuring that students have a say in how the Union is run, how the University is governed, and working closely with the Senior Management Team to ensure that the Union’s finances and processes are set up to deliver effectively for our members. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Chairing meetings of the LBSU Officer team

  • Sitting on the University’s Board of Governors

  • Leading LBSU’s delegation to the NUS National Conference

  • Working closely with the Chief Executive to oversee how the Union’s finances are allocated

  • Working closely with the Commercial Team to ensure we are offering students the best services

  • Working closely with the Communications Team to ensure our student communications are engaging and relevant 

  • Acting as the lead spokesperson for the Union

Examples of previous work and achievements

  • Refurbishment of the City and Headingley Bars into The Hive spaces

  • Securing more funding for the Students’ Union, allowing it to expand


Purpose of the Activities and Events Officer


The Activities & Events Officer role includes supporting societies and their members, raising the profile of student volunteers within the Students’ Union, and working with our Events Team to put on more inclusive and inviting events for our students.

Key Responsibilities

  • Lead and attend Societies Forum, where society applications and grants are decided

  • Working closely with the Societies Team to promote the benefits of joining or creating a society, and supporting students to do so

  • Working closely with the Events Team to make our SU events even better, and suggesting ideas for new events that would engage new students

  • Working closely with the Events Team to make our Freshers’ Programme both inclusive and inviting

  • Working closely with the Volunteering Team to raise the profile of student volunteering and its benefits

  • Getting involved with various Societies, attending and helping to publicise their events and socials

  • Getting involved with and helping to publicise various Volunteering programmes

  • Helping to maintain a good relationship with the Sport & Active lifestyle team to ensure sport students feel included in the SU

Examples of previous work and achievements

  • Organising and hosting over ten inter-society nights, helping to bring societies together and help them gain new members

  • Implementation of LBSU Societies onto the Leeds Beckett App


Purpose of the Education Officer


The Education Officer is the Students’ Union’s lead on anything that’s related to academic studiesand is responsible for helping train the body of Course Representatives, sit on senior university boards, and be a university governor. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Working closely with the Student Voice Team to deliver Course Rep Training, and when necessary, chairing School Forums

  • Sitting on the University’s Board of Governors, Academic Board, and Academic Quality & Standards Committee

  • Providing support to the university’s Course Reps, along with the Student Voice Team

  • Helping to raise the profile of the work of Course Reps

  • Ensuring the university’s academic rules and regulations are fit for purpose

  • Working to ensure the Leeds Beckett academic experience is inclusive for all students

  • Working with the university to maintain a high standard of assessment and feedback

  • Leading and designing campaigns relating to students’ academic issues, for example, hidden fees

Examples of previous work and achievements

  • Securing no more 9am exams for our students

  • Increasing the usage of lecture capture


Purpose of the Equality and Diversity Officer


The Equality & Diversity Officer’s remit is to represent students who are from marginalised or under-represented backgrounds. They work to further the rights of students who are in liberation and equality groups, and to ensure the work of both the university and the Students’ Union is fair and inclusive to all students.  

Key Responsibilities

  • Working closely with the Student Voice Team and the university to organise Leeds Beckett’s delegation to Leeds Pride

  • Highlighting and amplifying the voices of students who are or have been marginalised by society

  • Working closely with the Student Voice Team to further and highlight the work done by the Equality Reps and the Equality Campaigns

  • Ensuring the Students’ Union marks and celebrates various cultural, social, religious, and diversity awareness days, weeks, and months

  • Sitting on the university’s Equality & Diversity Committee

  • Lobbying the university to make changes to increase its accessibility and inclusivity

  • Leading and highlighting campaigns that tackle issues related to equality and diversity

Examples of previous work and achievements

  • Gender neutral toilets being added to campus, and guaranteed in any new buildings

  • Helped to deliver LBSU’s Campus Pride, which has won two national awards


Purpose of the Welfare and Community Officer


From student mental health and sexual health testing, to ensuring Leeds Beckett students are fairly represented with Leeds City Council, the Welfare & Community Officer's role is one of positive relationship building and community collaboration.

Key Responsibilities

  • Sitting on the board of the student housing company Unipol

  • Working closely with relevant SU and university staff members to ensure student mental health is always a main priority

  • Working closely with and highlighting the work of the Students’ Union’s Community Committee

  • Working with local residents and the local community to help build better relations between students and residents

  • Working with the SU and the university to increase students’ overall wellbeing 

  • Working with Leeds City Council, ensuring students are fairly represented in the community and their needs are adhered to

  • Working with the SU advice team and initiating campaigns to focus on frequently raised issues

  • Identifying key charities to work with to bring more opportunities to Leeds Beckett students

Examples of previous work and achievements

  • Securing funding for lights to be installed in Beckett Park

  • Increasing the amount of sexual health testing on campus


General Terms

  • Officer Trustees shall remain in office in accordance with Articles 26, 29 and 30.

  • At the time of their election a Full-time Officer must be a Student Member or a Full-time Officer in their first year of office.

  • Any changes to the remuneration of Full-time Officers shall be considered by the Employment & Remuneration Committee.

  • All Full-time Officers shall hold office for one year from 1 July to 30 June.  

  • On taking up their post each Full-time Officer shall sign a Full-time Officer Agreement and a Code of Practice governing their behaviour and conduct whilst in office.

  • No Full-time Officer shall be employed as a permanent staff member within two years of finishing their year of office, without the approval of the Board of Trustees.

Why Can't I stand for a Student Council Position?

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