Being a leader within the Students’ Union means that you will be at the heart of representing the needs and interests of over 25,000 students here at Leeds Beckett. But that’s not all – there is a whole host of other opportunities and benefits that will open up to you when you undertake one of these roles. So what exactly is in it for you?


Get paid 18k to make students’ lives better
The Officer Team roles, which last for a full academic year, are essentially a full-time job with a salary on a par with many graduate jobs. Add to this the fact that you will be working in a vibrant and varied environment, supported by a team of knowledgeable and dedicated staff, it’s hard to argue that there are many better jobs out there if you are passionate about improving the lives of our students. 


Turn ideas into reality
Ever had a brainwave about how student life could be improved on campus, in the local community, or even on a national level? Wondering where to start to make these ideas happen? If so, you have come to the right place. LBSU is a student-led organisation; you will lead and influence where we go, but you will also be guided by the ideas and opinions of our diverse student population. In these elected Officer roles, you will be given unique opportunities to implement ideas and run campaigns that will make real positive changes for students.


Make your CV stand out
From public speaking to chairing meetings, campaign planning and organizing, you will have access to a wealth of opportunities to gain experience that is not easily available elsewhere. The skills and experience you will gain will really make you stand out from the crowd. When you are seeking the next step in your graduate career, it is becoming increasingly essential for you to show that you have a good level of prior work experience.

No matter which role you stand for you will be at the heart of setting the priorities for the Students’ Union.


Be at the heart of making decisions that matter
Many of these roles mean that you will have access to the high-level committees and decision-makers within the University that decide everything from the range of food and drink available on campus to the cost of student accommodation, from exam times to investment in support services and much more. You will play a crucial role in ensuring that these decision-makers understand what matters to students, and that student needs and opinions are taken into account. What’s more, you won’t have to do this alone – you will be supported and assisted by Students’ Union staff and resources throughout.


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