#DoItMyWay comprises of 2 main elements, a Self-reflection Toolkit and an Accessibility Adjustment Form.

The Self-reflection Toolkit is a space for you to explore how your condition affects you individually and gain a wider understanding of yourself. You can share this with a member of staff to or keep it for yourself

The Accessibility Adjustment Form was created for you to ask for support you need. If after completing the toolkit, you wish to gain support from the Students’ Union, you can use this form to ask for the adjustments and support you require to enable you to thrive at the SU and beyond.

We also created a list of resources that are helpful in various different areas of day to day life. Whether you’re looking for resources regarding employment, education, or everyday life check out the link here.




Do I have to fill the toolkit out from start to finish?

This is a tool for you to explore how your condition impacts you, consider the support you would like the Student’s Union to implement alongside thinking about innovative ways we can see more disabled people in leadership positions so it is down to how comfortable you feel and how much you would like to fill out.

Am I required to show the toolkit to a member of Student Union staff?

It is advised you will utilise this tool and go through it with a member of staff for example a member of student voice or the department you are either engaged with or desire to be in the near future, but it is not compulsory.

Do I need to fill out the toolkit and the online adjustment form?

The online adjustment form is a way of declaring the exact adjustment you require either for multiple events or in a particular context whereas the toolkit is a self-exploration tool. There is no pressure to fill out both together the purpose of the toolbox is to support you so please make use of it as you wish.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Get in touch with someone on the contact list to the right, they will be able to assist you.

Can I use the toolbox outside of the Student’s Union?

Yes of course, this is a tool to allow you to reflect on what accessibility means to you as much as it’s about gaining support. This was created specifically for the Student Union, but it was agreed from day one that it should be as transferable as possible because you will not be at the Student’s Union forever!

Is #Doitmyway catered to disabled students?

The aim for the project more widely and the toolbox is to promote accessibility and celebrate disability all year round, giving disabled students the opportunity to advocate for themselves at the Student Union. However, this project is centred on inclusion so upon creation it was ensured there was something for everyone, but the target audience is disabled students.

Is there a limit to how many times the toolkit and adjustment form can be filled out?

No, you can fill it out as often as you like, this is unique to you so do whatever you see fit.

Is there a specific way I should fill out the toolkit?

This is a personal tool to you therefore everyone’s will look different you may want to fill out the sections alone or you may want to upload extra resources such as an image to make it more personal to you.

Can I share #Doitmyway with my peers?

Yes please, share with anyone who you think would find it useful.

Will LBSU be monitoring how often I engage with #Doitmyway?

If you decide to fill out the toolbox resources and show it to a member of staff or submit the form the responses will be viewed but in terms of how often you view the content on the website your engagement will not be tracked and if this was to happen you would be consulted.

Meg Darroch

Academic Experience Officer


"I’m the creator of #DoItMyWay, a toolbox aimed at empowering disabled students to advocate for themselves and shape their university experience."

"Contact me for queries relating to the disabled student’s community."

Ro Sewell

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator


"Contact me for support with filling out the toolkit/adjustment form."

"Disability Advocacy, participation and celebration should exist all year round and this project shapes not only what the future of acceptance should be but complements the Union’s mission of making student’s lives better. #Doitmyway is a toolbox which acts as an enabler for self-acceptance and shared knowledge."

“#Doitmyway is such an asset to the student community at Leeds Beckett. Not only does it support students who need it, but it is easy to work through and wrap your head around making it accessible for all.

"#Doitmyway empowers students to advocate for themselves which is truly inspiring, and I am so glad this has been created such a creative and supportive initiative which everyone should get behind."

“#Doitmyway toolkit is something every student union needs. Admittedly, it is a difficult task to make sure we as a student union are including every single need and want of every single student (as all students are unique!) in what we do, however, this toolkit helps us to be able to do this! If you are a student with disabilities or a disability at LBU, make sure you use this and tell all your friends about this! You won’t regret it.”