Black, Asian, Minority Ethnicity Students' Community


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This community organise on behalf of Leeds Beckett students of African, Asian, Arabic, Chinese and Caribbean descent.

To join this community you must first self-identify as Black, Asian & Minoritised Ethnicity.

Led by the Black, Asian & Minoritised Ethnicity Students' Convenor, our community organise on behalf of Leeds Beckett students of African, Asian, Arabic, Chinese and Caribbean descent on all issues affecting BAME students.

Our manifesto outlines our vision for making black, asian & minority ethnic students' lives better.

We recognise that over time priorities change, students come and go with new ideas and it is intended that this manifesto will change with them, adding new priorities and celebrating achievements as they occur.

Alongside our friends from other marginalised groups, we all agree that it is our responsibility to promote greater intersectionality and inclusivity of students, including but not limited to faith, disability, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation and race.

We do not tolerate racist, anti-Semitic, islamophobic, fascist, sexist, xenophobic, ableist, LGBT-phobic or ageist views expressed within our space and consider these views, by their very nature to be threatening and intimidating to our members and our values.


Manifesto Priorities

  • We will work with the University and Students' Union to undertake positive action initiatives that increases the representation of BAME people in staff roles, student leadership roles and promotional materials.
  • We will campaign for BAME representation on the Students' Union Executive Team to ensure that BAME students are afforded the power and resources necessary to achieve change.
  • We will create a Campaign that is representative of our diverse community to ensure that we are inclusive of our distinct experiences.
Engagement & Inclusivity
  • We will work to strengthen engagement with the Campaign, through visible and accessible activities, to forge and open and inclusive community for BAME students to network and seek support from their peers.
  • We will take steps to change the culture to create an environment at Leeds Beckett where BAME students are empowered to discuss their experiences knowing they will be taken seriously.
  • We will be a Campaign that learns from its members and fosters a sense of community amongst BAME students at Leeds Beckett.
Academic Experience
  • We will campaign to diversify the curriculum at Leeds Beckett through the launch of a cross-campus "Why is my curriculum white?" campaign, encouraging all students to question the diversity of their learning experience and challenging academics to diversity their teaching methods and materials.
  • We will work with the Students' Union to develop a BAME Ambassadors network to identify and challenge areas of western-centred learning and to increase BAME student representation on academic committees.
  • We will work collaboratively to tackle the BAME Attainment Gap, undertaking research to identify areas of concern at Leeds Beckett and learning from our peers at universities that are successfully addressing this issue.
  • We will lobby the University for transparency in their student recruitment methods and statistics to ensure that BAME students receive a fair chance to study at Leeds Beckett.
Engagement & Inclusivity
  • We will lobby the University to diversify the placement opportunities available to students at Leeds Beckett, encouraging students to explore outside the current euro-centric placements and to learn about and respect other cultures.
  • We will lobby the Students' Union to diversify its volunteering and social activities to encourage greater opportunities for different communities of students to communicate and learn from each other.
  • We will develop opportunities for BAME students to engage with schools to inspire the BAME students of the future and develop in them the confidence to succeed.
  • We will host workshops and seminars for BAME students on topics that benefit their education and future prospects to ensure that they are equipped with the appropriate skills to be successful in spite of institutional racism.

Lara Rose

Black, Asian & Minoritised Ethnicity Students' Convenor

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