If you’re a final year student, engagement with the Beckett Award scheme gives you the opportunity to reflect on the skills you develop and the contributions you make through your extracurricular activities, as well as getting a formal accreditation for all your hard work.

The award has three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold, and we will work with you to decide which is the most appropriate for your level of engagement and involvement with a variety of activities.


What is the Beckett Award?


The Beckett Award is a scheme that will give you recognition for your extracurricular activities, as well as the chance to improve your ability to reflect on the skills you’ve gained from this involvement. The award is great for employability and will help you stand out from the graduate competition.


What Activities Count?

There are loads of ways to get involved, including:

  •  Leading a society
  •  Local and international volunteering
  •  Becoming a Course, Faculty or Student Council Rep
  •  Fundraising with RAG
  •  Running a campaign
  •  Part-time work (including university ambassador roles)
  •  Leading a sports team
  •  Course-based extracurricular activities

Bronze, Silver, or Gold?

The award has three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold, and we will decide on the most appropriate one at your first meeting. To achieve the Beckett Award, you will need to complete a portfolio evidencing a certain number of hours of activity, as well as written reflection on how you have developed key competencies employers look for. Below is an outline for the criteria for each level:

Bronze: Competency 8 Hours 50
Silver: Competency 10 Hours 80
Gold: Competency 12 Hours 110


How Long Does It Take?

After an initial meeting to get you started over the year, you will starts to reflect on your work and skills, with submission dates throughout the year. There will be many opportunities to attend workshops and informal catch-ups. 
We will give you more detailed information in line with the award level you want to achieve in your first informal chat. 


Get In Touch

If you are interested in The Beckett Award, please fill in this form and we will contact you to invite you to a drop-in session.

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