What to expect on graduation day!

Wednesday 26-07-2017 - 07:15
What to expect

It's half way through Graduation week at Leeds Beckett and so many of you have already had an incredible day with your family and friends! For the rest of you that haven't had your ceremony yet... well, here's what to expect!


There will (probably) be a Leeds ring-road induced meltdown...

Chances are, you will have been living in Leeds for at least three years and will know what to expect when it comes to Leeds chaotic road system. However, the same can’t be said for your mum who has driven up from Peterborough for the occasion. Expect some road rage and expletives directed towards the SatNav.


Parents will be parents...

At least one of your parents will make a joke about you falling over, how amazed they are that you even graduated, how you obviously got your brains from their side of the family and the list goes on. Just give it a rest!


Unfamiliar faces...

There will be people at your ceremony, graduating from the same course that you may have never seen in your entire life. Not once. Not in the library, not around uni and definitely not in a single 09:00 lecture. You’re not sure how they’ve done it but they have. Congrats to you, you mystical being. (If you can’t think of who that is on your course - then it’s you.)


Social Media...

Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat will be awash with cute captioned pictures of mortardboard and gown-clad grads stood with their nana. Cute. Plus, if you don’t Boomerang yourself throwing your cap in their air, did you even graduate?


You will be sitting down... A lot...

By the end of the day, you and your chair will be as one. A holy union between humankind and inanimate object. An immovable force. If you like sitting down, graduation is the day for you. 


So there you have it! A short breakdown of what to expect on your very special day. But worry not, there are so many other incredible things that'll happen!

Congraulations on graduating from everyone here at Leeds Beckett SU!



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