What is #MyRacistCampus?

Wednesday 27-03-2019 - 13:13
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#MyRacistCampus is a student-led campaign aimed at tackling the Black Attainment Gap at Leeds Beckett University. From our launch event to banners, talking with students, and hearing from speakers, the campaign is everywhere on campus this week. Look out for us in your space and see below to hear a snippet of what your BAME Ambassadors have to say.

Dew – “I’ve helped to plan these events and I hope people come to learn what racism looks like. Everyone, staff and student is invited to come and get this ball of change rolling, so we can all become catalysts for change in the wider community of Leeds. In the words of Martin Luther King, I look forward to a day when we are no longer judged by the colour of our skin but the content of our character.”

Sherry – “This week is about BAME students coming together and feeling confident with their allies and just saying ‘yes’ - yes to campaigning, yes to unity and yes to change. Our reading lists are so white, our teaching methods Euro-centric. Where are our BAME speakers, our BAME authors and our lecturers? ‘I want to see BAME people who aren’t just cleaners, but are doing what they want to and given the opportunity to be what they want.”

Ahmed – “We need to see people coming out to meet us, to see the problems (of racism) being addressed. I believe that as BAME we can do anything, just be ourselves and we will see what we have addressed being changed. I had someone ask me one time, “Hey Ahmed, do you have toilets in Kenya?” I shrugged it off but this is happening because when Africa is shown in the media, they only show the undeveloped parts. They don’t show the strides we have made in agriculture, they never talk about Kenya being the first place to pioneer electronic money transfers. We can change this but we have to start here, in the (Leeds Beckett) community. We want to see everyone getting involved and people might see the problem from our perspective – this movement is about changing minds and moving hearts.”

Check the campaign out here for more info on how you can be an ally!


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