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Welcome to the Graduate Network

Monday 06-02-2017 - 14:00
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Leaving University is one of the most exciting and yet challenging times in your education journey. You are no longer part of your ‘student bubble’, your friends may have moved away, you may be living back at home and wondering where have the past three/four years gone? There will be lots of questions from those close to you such as  "what are you doing now?", "What’s the next step?" or "What’s your plan?" It can be overwhelming but the Graduate Network is here to help offer a realistic and practical level of support to our Graduates.

The Graduate Network is a new Leeds Beckett Students’ Union scheme, aimed at providing ongoing support to graduates, including a mentoring programme. The Network will reflect the reality of what it’s like to be a Graduate, providing practical help and advice that is most beneficial to you. If you’re a Leeds Beckett Graduate, or a final year student who wants to stay engaged in the SU once you’ve finished, get in touch to find out more about joining the scheme. All current students are welcome to register their interest, so get in touch as well to find out more about the support you can get.

Through the Network, Graduates can access the following:-

- Access and support into SU Volunteering Opportunities
- Access and support into Society Membership including BeMedia
- Access and support to run a Campaign 
- Mentoring – Be a Mentor to Undergraduates or as an Undergraduate receive support from a Graduate
- Communications and invites to Career Talks (5 years worth of support), networking events and opportunities to develop.

All of the above are designed to provide continued support once you graduate. Don’t forget, by keeping busy through volunteering and being part of a Society you are continuously developing your skills and are therefore increasing your chances of gaining employment/going into further education.

If you were involved in the SU whilst studying, or wish you had made more of the opportunities on offer, you can still access these as part of the Network.  The Graduate Network will be tailored toward your needs and experiences, and we will aim to offer the most beneficial support and guidance for you, creating relevant resources and opportunities that will best benefit you.


The Mentoring programme is also your chance to give back to Leeds Beckett students, as we will be offering the opportunity to mentor existing students. So, if you’re established in a career, haven’t been working for long, or have moved home and are still looking for a job, we want to hear from you. Any of these experiences, and many more, will be useful to students, helping to prepare them for the experiences they will face as a graduate.

The Graduate Network is new this year, so if you get involved at this stage you will help shape the Network and the types of support we offer Graduates. The level of support and what the Graduate Network can offer is in the early stages so watch this space!


We have already had a lot of interest in the Graduate Network, with 32 graduates and 15 students signing up. Graduates have already been keen to get involved, with the recent SU Election Big Debate being chaired by local councillor, and Graduate Network member, Ryan Stephenson. We are also planning an event for students, aimed at helping them to understand how they can enter a career in Human Rights. The event will include a talk and question and answer panel, with graduates who are connected to Human Right and Third Sector organisations.

If you want to get involved in the network, or want to find out more, head over to the Graduate Network website!



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