The Beckett Award Scheme

Tuesday 22-11-2016 - 16:58
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The Beckett Award is a Students’ Union (SU) accreditation scheme which allows you to reflect on the skills you have developed through your extracurricular activities. If completed successfully you will receive a formal accreditation at a Bronze, Silver or Gold level. We will work with you to decide which is the most appropriate level to aim for based on your level of engagement and involvement with a variety of SU activities.

The Beckett Award is designed to increase employability for our Graduates which is endorsed through Harry Walters (Vice President Activities), “There are so many ways for students to boost their employability skills at Leeds Beckett Students’ Union and having a system like this to help them develop and realise these is fantastic.”

 We created this scheme to include SU activities designed to boost employability and these include:

  • Leading a society
  • Local volunteering
  • Becoming a Course, Faculty or Student Council Rep
  • Contributing to the SU’s Be Media groups
  • Fundraising with RAG
  • Running a campaign

All of your engagement with the above activities will be considered for the duration of your time at University. The deadline for completing the Beckett Award is 27 March 2017 at which point a panel of professionals will review all of your reflective evidence to determine if the Award has been achieved. The Award allows participants to continue the scheme across all of their academic years, as well as moving onto higher levels within the Award thereby developing and demonstrating additional competencies.

We realise that the graduate competition is tougher than ever and we want to ensure our Graduates are in the best position to stand out from the crowd and secure the career you deserve.

The Beckett Award is aimed at giving you formal recognition for all you have done, something you can take with you to evidence all of your achievements. An important aspect of the scheme is a reflection on key skills important to employers and the SU have worked closely with the University’s Careers Team to identify the main competencies employers seek out in their recruitment such as teamwork, communication, initiative, and digital literacy. We want to give you the opportunity to gain, develop and demonstrate new skills, and to learn how to most effectively present the ways you have developed and applied these to your extracurricular activities. This will give you the edge in your future career choices as it allows you to translate your experiences into practical examples of employability.

If you’re interested in the Beckett Award, we’d love to hear from you! Follow this link for more information and to register your interest (, or email us at



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