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Thursday 05-12-2019 - 17:11

Do you feel like there is never enough time at the end of the day? Do you feel like it’s impossible to manage uni work, a part-time job and a busy social life? Don’t worry, first of all you are definitely not alone, and secondly, we've got your back! Read this article to learn easy time-management hacks in order to become the master of getting things done... with time left to spare 😉


Whether you want to use a good old-fashioned diary, wall planner, or time management app, you should find a scheduling tool that works for you. Colour coding different commitments and classes helps to visualise how evenly you are dividing your time. If there is too much of one colour, the chances are you are not putting enough time into the others. 

Physically writing down everything you are doing in the week reduces stress, improves your productivity and encourages you to stay on track. It can also help show where you have free time to do those tasks you’ve been putting off. Don’t forget those 1 or 2 hour breaks between classes, think of how much you could get done in 2 hours 🙌


Everyone has those days where they say “I’m going to be so productive and get 14 hours of work done!”... but the reality is, that’s not achievable. Writing small lists of tasks you can manage in a day is the easiest way to be productive. It also means you can check-in at the end of the day and avoid guilt, because you set yourself a realistic and achievable goal.


The likelihood is you spend the majority of your time between a “work” environment (uni, work or the library) and home. You may find that when you’re at uni, there are loads of distractions, and so you become unproductive. Working at home can mean it’s tough to separate work from your personal life because you both relax and work in the same space.

Something that helps a lot if finding a ‘third space’ allocated only to productive working hours. By picking a specific location that inspires you, your brain is likely to associates this space with productive time. Leeds has so many great cosy spots to pick from. Both campuses at City and Headingley are surrounded by nice coffee shops 🤤


Do you often find yourself agreeing to something and then regretting it when the time rolls around? Don’t worry, everyone does! Learning to say no can be difficult and regurlary comes with unnecessary guilt. During exam season, your time will feel precious as it is spread very thin. So if you don’t want to work that extra shift during the weekend or go on another night out with friends, you are allowed to say no and prioritise your well-being! 


You may feel like the best way to ensure success is to fill every hour of every day with endless tasks and commitments. It might work for some students but taking a well deserved break can actually make you more productive in the long run. Scheduling breaks, a cut off time in the evening for revision, and giving yourself a healthy dose of self-care will boost your energy, improve your concentration levels and make sure you stay healthy during this stressful period of year 📋

So there you have it! Our top time management tips. Just remember, if you need more support get in touch with our Advice Service at


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This article was written by Emma Woolley, Public Relations final year student at Leeds Beckett University


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