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Have you ever thought "I can't run to be an Officer... You need to have a big personality”?If you did, you might find this article interesting 😉

Do you consider yourself?

1- An introvert: introverts tend to be more quiet, reserved, and introspective.

2- An extrovert: extroverts tend to be outgoing, socially confident people.

3- A planner: highly creative individuals. Good at solving problems in unconventional ways.

4- A team leader: individuals focused on the team's objectives. Delegates work appropriately.

Did you recognise a bit of yourself in any of these descriptions? That's because we can all play a different role depending on the situation. Don't put yourself in a box! No matter what your strengths are, you certainly have something unique to bring to LBSU. In a world where everyone is unique, there is no one-size-fits-all leadership strategy. Different leadership styles are required in an ever-changing environment like a Students' Union and that's why our Officer team does such a great job!

Your Officer Team are elected by you to lead the Students’ Union. The Officers are here to make students’ lives better and address the many different needs of the student body. You wouldn't want them to be exactly the same person, would you? Well, that also applies to the candidates running in the 2020 Leadership Elections. Diversity helps us to become stronger as an organisation by uniting all the different ideas and cultures displayed at Leeds Beckett University!



Also, everyone has the same resources while campaigning 👍 There is a team of SU staff who will support you right through the election process, from advice and support on putting together your manifesto through to dealing with any questions or concerns you might have. Many previous Exec Officers had no prior involvement with the Students' Union and had no society membership. Our research has shown that people vote because they like your ideas, not because you have more Instagram followers!

On 24 February 2020, you'll be able to decide who will form your Officers Team for the next academic year! Every Leeds Beckett student is eligible to stand and vote in these elections.

Nominations close Friday 31 January 2020 at 12:00 pm. If you think that your friends are too shy to apply but know that they would do an incredible job, recommend them at


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