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Friday 12-05-2017 - 09:35
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It’s the end of the academic year (already!) and this means it’s the end of a lot of hard work by your course reps and school reps. There have been some fantastic school forums this year, and a lot has been accomplished.

A particular highlight came from one of the Health and Social Sciences forums. Laurence Morris, one of the Academic Librarians for the School, ordered £2500 worth of books within an hour of the forum in which issues about a lack of textbooks were raised. If you’re having issues in this area, your Academic Librarians are there to help!

It has also been a successful year for the Cultural Studies and Humanities Course Reps. As well as the School hosting its first ever summer ball, which was a huge success with over 160 students attending, the Reps are also in consultation with the Dean of School Andrew Cooper, to help renovate the social space on the second floor of Broadcasting Place. Thanks to the feedback of Course Reps, the school has also made a distinct effort to increase the community feeling, with more events planned for students to meet each other.

Also thanks to the work of Course Reps giving their feedback at school forums, the library has limited access to student card holders during exam times. This is currently only being trialed so feedback on this initiative is always welcome. There have also been boosters installed in the libraries as a result of feedback about the Wi-Fi, though work on the Wi-Fi around campus in general is ongoing.

The feedback from Course Reps at forums has helped Meg Robinson, the Vice President Education, with her objectives enabling her to keep pushing for the scrapping of library fines, which is currently being looked into by the university. Meg is also fighting for lecture capture, which has been mentioned frequently in forums.

Something that Meg has been able to achieve with the help of feedback from forums is pushing exam start times back to 09:30. This has allowed students more time to get to their exams in a busy time in the morning, and has been received well by students.

This is just a snapshot of all the hard work that Course Reps have been doing throughout the year. The issues that have been resolved are too numerous to list. This year’s groups of Course Reps have been dedicated to their task of making student lives better, and the nominees for this year’s Course Rep of the Year in the SU Awards thoroughly deserve their recognition. Keep an eye out for the shortlist which will be published soon!


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