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Leeds Beckett Students, You Deserve Better.

Thursday 21-01-2021 - 17:56

Leeds Beckett Students, You Deserve Better. 

Students have deserved better since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. We have read your messages and heard your frustrations. For many this became even harder with each new lockdown announced. Our fight to ensure that you have the best uni experience possible is not over and this term we will continue our efforts by lobbying the University, the Government and your private landlords. #studentsdeservebetter 

We are in regular discussions with the University’s Executive Team and Heads of Services, Unipol, The National Union of Students, Universities UK, key stakeholders in Leeds and other Officers across the UK. Our promise to you is that we will lobby for changes that will benefit students in Leeds. We will update you on a regular basis through our website and social media @leedsbeckettsu, so make sure that you follow us. Share our updates with your friends and coursemates to make sure that everyone is in the know.  

This term, our priorities are: 

  • Your degree 
  • Your finances 
  • Your academic experience 
  • Your wellbeing and support 
  • Your social experience 

1. Supporting you with your degree 

Our belief is that education is a right not a privilege. The long-term goal across the student movement nationally is still free education and we will continue to support this for as long as it takes for it to happen. Yet with this, we have been hearing your frustrations – whether directly or through your Course Reps and we know that our priority in this right now is to make sure you’re getting the education you were promised. 

If something on your course isn’t quite right, try speaking with your course team first to see if it’s something that can be easily improved. You should also speak to your Course Rep at this point, especially if a number of your course mates are experiencing similar issues – with our support, your Course Rep will be able to make sure your concerns are addressed at the right level. You can also submit feedback about your course using our online form at

If you are still feeling dissatisfied or believe your learning objectives are not being met, we urge you to contact us. You can get advice on submitting a formal complaint from the Students’ Union Advice Service

With of all this, we continue to believe that it is the Government’s responsibility to be offering compensation to students, rather than the University. They are the ones who have power and influence, and it is the Government we’re lobbying. We’ll make sure to keep you posted with progress and any further information that is released.  

2. Supporting you with your finances 

Many of you have not been able to access your accommodations that you’ve paid for. We have come together as Students’ Unions in Leeds to support you financially to get through this pandemic. Our focus is to continue lobbying for rent rebates from accommodation providers and private landlords. We have joined the national campaign, run by The National Union of Students (NUS) whereby we will collectively lobby national accommodation providers and the government for support.  

We are committed to making sure that you go through as little hardship as possible. Many of you have struggled with day-to-day costs over the last few months and the University has heard us and have opened up the hardship fund more than ever before, including creating a digital access fund scheme. If you have been financially affected by COVID in any way, we encourage you to find out more and apply here

3. Supporting you with your academic experience 

We continue to push the University to make sure the new ways of teaching, learning and assessment are under regular review to ensure that what is offered is fair, appropriate and supports you in your progress as students and as future graduates. We were successful in having the safety net reintroduced – which for many has been a vital part of your continuation on your courses and supporting your success. You can find out more about that here: progression-and-award-factsheet-for-students.pdf (

Even though these measures have been put in place we would still urge anyone struggling to submit individual requests for extenuating circumstances where you are seeking an extension to an assessment deadline or mitigation. You are strongly advised to speak to an adviser at the Students’ Union Advice Service before completing the form so they can advise you on how to present your circumstances.

4. Supporting you and your wellbeing 

We aim to ensure that any new guidance or information is communicated to you in an accessible way, and we will always represent your voices in all University’s meetings. We will continue to support changing the perception of students in the community, sharing useful services related to wellbeing for you to access and continue our collaborative work with the University to make sure that your mental health is a priority.  

5. Support your social experience  

We aim to be able to support you in meeting new people both online and in person. We will do this by continuing to embrace digital improvements to create online groups, societies, and events. We will work with accommodation providers to explore future possibilities of interacting with other flats in a safe manner.  

We’ll continue to update you with our progress, so be sure to follow us on social media @leedsbeckettsu and if you’ve got any questions, just get in touch. You can contact the Officer Team at between Monday and Thursday.

Please continue to stay safe. 

Sending love and solidarity, 

Your LBSU Officer Team x 




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