LBSU awarded 'Very Good' in QSU!

Friday 02-03-2018 - 10:15
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After working tirelessly to make students’ lives better, your SU is proud to have our work recognised and be awarded a ‘Very Good’ in the Quality Students’ Unions Audit. This prestigious accreditation is a mark of quality that is awarded using three levels of achievement, good, very good and excellent.

How is it calculated?

The NUS audit measures the performance of students’ unions in relation to their governance, leadership & management, activities and outcomes. To be considered for this accreditation, a union must meet the minimum standards by being compliant with both ‘its statutory obligations and accepted best practice’. The audit rates unions from good- excellent in 12 areas, of those 12 areas, we achieved a rating of ‘very good’ in nine categories and an excellent in the remaining three.

LBSU did this for you!

One of the key areas examined in the calculation of the quality student’ unions audit is the activities of the SU. Some highlights of the excellent work we’ve done for students this year include campaigning to abolish library fines, resulting in a much fairer system being introduced, introducing more vegetarian and vegan options in the SU bars and a successful campaign for your exams to start no earlier than 09:30 to lessen your exam stress. Full details of our activities can be found in our impact report.

Ongoing improvement!

Here at LBSU we are constantly striving to make the lives of students, who study here at Leeds Beckett University, better. We've very proud of our ‘Very Good’ status but that doesn't mean we stop there. With our new strategic plan our aims for the next three years are to support your excellent university experience, enable participation in improving your student experience, enrich your time at university and equip you for the future! 



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