How To Win a Free Trip in One Click

Friday 18-08-2017 - 11:32
Win a trip

Enough with “How to Change Your Life in Three Steps” and “The Twelve Behaviours of Successful Businessmen”, LBSU proudly presents: How to Win a Free Trip in One Click. Top that, cheesy self-help books!

Is this a mistake? Nope. Have we finally gone crazy? Not yet. Is this for real?! You bet your genuine 1979 mint-in-box Boba Fett action figure it’s real!

That’s right, we are giving you all the chance to win TWO places on trip of your choice from our fabulous options!



Let’s see where YOU could be going…

First up we have, the magical, the mystical, the childhood dream come to life… IT’S THE HARRY POTTER STUDIO TOUR! With the added bonus of visiting the Great Hall in Oxford!

Secondly, we have the romantic, the elegant, the moonlit walks down the river in… FABULOUS PARIS!

And last but not least, the wonderful, the quirky, the out-of-this-world-but-still-manages-to-fit-on-earth… THE AMAZING BERLIN!


So, how can you enter such a contest?

Well, all you have to do is follow us on social media! Crazy, right? You can like our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram or Twitter and the best part is the more you follow, the higher your chances of winning!

Stalk us on all three and that’s three entries! Just for clicking a few buttons! Clicky-clicky-click and you’re on your way!

In order to be eligible for this prize draw, you must be a current Leeds Beckett student at the time of the draw on 2 October 2017. But don’t worry if you’re a post-grad or distance learner, you can join too!

The winners will be selected by a random generator that will go through a randomly selected social media channel. We’ll confirm your student status and then you can pick your prize! It really is that simple!

The competition closes on 1 October 2017 so get crackin’!

So our question to you is; what are you waiting for?! Do the thing!




The prize for this competition will be two free places on the winners chosen trip from a selection of pre-selected options. Trips will be ran by the company Outgoing.
If for any reason the selected trips become unavailable we will offer an alternative.
To enter into the competition, students must follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or a combination of them. The more social media accounts they follow, the higher the chances of winning.
For a person to win in this competition they must be a current Leeds Beckett University student in any year of study at the time of the draw on 2 October 2017. They can be an undergraduate, postgraduate or a distance learner.
The winner of the competition will be chosen on 2 October 2017 in the following way:
Step 1: One of the three social media channels will be randomly selected.
Step 2: A name will be selected using a random generator.
Step 3: Leeds Beckett Students’ Union will confirm the person as a current student.
Step 4: The winner will be contacted and they can choose their prize.

This competition will close at midnight on Sunday 1 October 2017. 


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