Halloween Hacks for Lazy People

Saturday 28-10-2017 - 12:00

Whether you’re hosting or going out, you’ve got to have a costume! Halloween can be expensive and you have to put so much EFFORT in and it’s tiring! But there are so many easy DIY costumes that you can put together with things you have lying around. Often, these are the most clever, there’s nothing quite like a hint of dry humour or a pun in your costume!


Ghost – Here’s a classic, an old white bed sheet with a couple of holes cut out, you’re a ghost – sorted! You are guaranteed a few laughs and exasperated eye rolls. You should probably try to not spill anything though, that would create a very different effect.

Roman – If you want a classier “sheet look”, you can wrap your sheet over your shoulder, toga style!  Just add a leafy crown to go full Caesar. You might wanna get some fake ones though, seeing as everything has gone brown… Then just make sure nobody stabs you in the back.

Bunch of grapes – If you’d like to pair up your costumes, the perfect match for Caesar is a bunch of grapes. It’s way easier than it sounds! Just blow up some purple balloons and stick them to your shirt with a couple of paper leaves on your head and voila! May we suggest a combination of Beckett Purple™ and LBSU Green™ ...?

Oreo – Everyone loves biscuits! That’s a fact of life. We know that all you want in in life is just to be a biscuit, so we’re going to help you achieve that dream. All you have to do is cut out two big cardboards circles, paint them brown, get a marker to write “Oreo” across both sides and glue gun them to a white shirt. The best part is that you get to be the filling!

Fridge magnet – Ready to dish out some perfect dry sarcasm on your mates? Paint a shoebox black and stick it to the back of your shirt: you’re a fridge magnet! To complete this look, add a beret and tell everyone you how commercialised you think Halloween is and you’ll be the life of the party.

Sim – An equally lazy yet very clever costume is to craft yourself a green diamond (or a plumbob if you’d like to use the correct terminology), attach it to a headband or hat and be a sim! It’s so ingenious you can’t even be mad.

So there you go, some lazy Halloween costumes that are so bad they’re kind of amazing… If you do any of them share your pictures with us on our social media!



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