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Goodbye to the 2020/21 Officer Team

Tuesday 13-07-2021 - 17:14

As this challenging academic year draws to a close, it’s time to say goodbye to the 2020/2021 Officer Team  Whilst some of these goodbyes are only temporary, others, sadly, are not.

Pango Simwaka (newly elected Union Affairs Officer) and Anna Crooks (returning Activities & Events Officer) will be leading the Students' Union into the 2021/2022 academic year but Barbara Pereira (Union Affairs Officer), Kay Rhoden-Campbell (Equality and Diversity Officer) and Sherry Iqbal (Education Officer) will be leaving us for their future ventures! Barbara and Kay will be finishing their degrees next year at Leeds Beckett University, whilst Sherry has started a new job at Warwick SU as their new Decolonisation Manager! We are wishing them all the very best. 

Let's go down memory lane one last time!

This month, we're incredibly excited to welcome Meg Darroch and Lucy MacDonald as our new Academic Experience Officer and Welfare & Community Officer!

Keep an eye out for some new faces, as you'll be introduced to them very soon!



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