Golden Robes 2019 - Shortlist Announced!

Thursday 28-03-2019 - 13:58
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After receiving more than 800 nominations, we are proud to be able to announce your shortlist for the Golden Robes 2019!

Congratulations to everyone who was nominated and to all those who have made the shortlist.



Best Lecturer Best Course Team Best Module Best Feedback Best Course Director Best Dissertation Supervisor Best Academic Advisor Memorable Moment Unsung Hero Diversity Outstanding Contribution to Enterprise & Innovation Researcher of the Year Team of the Year Leader of the Year

Student-led Categories

Best Lecturer

Ashley Cartwright

Ashley was shortlisted for this award because of his particular ability to explain things clearly. He adapts his teaching style to the class, keeps things engaging with quizzes, and makes students want to get up for his 9AM's. 

Ghazala Tabasam

Ghazala was shortlisted for this award because she is incredibly dedicated to her course. She creates extra support material and notes for students, and helps students deal with their exam stress. Students said that they wouldn’t have done as well if it wasn’t for Gaz. 

Lindsey Thiel

Lindsey was shortlisted for this award because of her passion for what she teaches. She treats students as equals, and is emphathetic, supportive, and always goes above and beyond. She arranged extra sessions to go over tricky topics so her students felt as confident as they should. 

Mandy Graham

Mandy was shortlisted for this award because she is very fast at responding to students. Her lectures are diverse and interesting, often bringing in guest speakers, and she employs a range of teaching techniques. She is her course’s superhero. 

Tom Purcell

Tom was shortlisted for this award because of his ability to teach in a way that everyone can feel included and engaged. His enthusiasm and dedication to teaching is incredible, and students said some of the best modules they studied in their degree were taught by Tom. 

Best Course Team


Physiotherapy was shortlisted for this award because they always make students feel uplifted in their classes. They have a hilarious sense of humour even when talking about hard topics. Their support has helped nurture passion in their students, and they genuinely care about their students. 

Speech & Language Therapy (SLT)

SLT was shortlisted for this award because they spend time getting to know each student individually, they have a high standard of teaching and personal support. They also have a good balance between teaching and theory, and clinical skills. 

Youth Work & Community Development

Youth Work & Community Development was shortlisted for this award because they are always accessible for their students. They are passionate, wise, knowledgeable and fun. They have great support for their assignments and students said having a 9am with this course is delightful. 

Sport & Social Sciences

Sport & Social Sciences was shortlisted for this award because they push students to achieve their best. They genuinely care about each individual’s progress, and don’t just see students as numbers on a piece of paper. The support the course provides has kept students on the course when they wanted to drop out. 

MSc Responsible Tourism Management (RTM)

RTM was shortlisted for this award because the lecturers take the extra time to get to know students individually. They bring a diverse range of guest lecturers and alumni events. They go to extensive lengths to accommodate students’ needs and wellbeing. 

Best Module

Business Event Production

This module was shortlisted because it helped students develop and build skills that would help with their career. It also pushed students to achieve their best work, and the lectures are really engaging and fun. 

Managing Risk for Major Events

This module was shortlisted because it had engaging lectures and seminars. The content was praised, and it helped students broaden their knowledge of the subject that would help them get into the field. Assessments were clear and feedback was detailed. 

Professional Scientific Practice

This module was shortlisted because it helps to develop workplace skills. The module relies less upon the marking scheme and focuses more on the real workplace setting. 

Food Science & Control

This module was shortlisted because it helped students get real life experience and helped prepare the students for the job they are training for. It did everything possible to equip students for the profession. 

Best Feedback

Anne Temple-Clothier

Anne was shortlisted because of her ‘unique feedback’ that was positive and encouraging. Her feedback was also described as ‘incredibly quick’ and helpful. 

John Connell

John was shortlisted because his feedback is detailed and worthwhile, with its main aim being ensuring students attain their possible best. He is available for students to talk to at any time and students feel he is finally getting the recognition he deserves. 

Sue Smith

Sue was shortlisted because she is ‘incredibly approachable and helpful,' also being described as 'insightful, caring and truly dedicated to helping those around her succeed.’ 

Jayne Mothersdale & Ann Michaud

Jayne and Ann have been shortlisted because their feedback is ‘specific to students’ and really helps with students ‘effectiveness and leadership.’ Their feedback is also ‘unique’ and never generic. 

Best Course Director

Emlyn Butterfield

Emlyn was shortlisted because he was described as ‘the pillar of the course,’ and students expressed he was the reason they were still able to complete the course. He was also described as outstanding. 

Nehal Mahtab

Nehal was shortlisted because he is ‘always there for his students’, going ‘way and above’ to help students feel settled in the course. He was described as a ‘great asset to the university’ and offers support no matter what the problem. 

Neil Kelley

Neil was shortlisted because he was described as ‘the most supportive, approachable, and friendly academic tutor I have ever encountered during my time at Leeds Beckett.’ He gives ‘amazing support and advice’ and ‘goes above and beyond.’ 

Sean Dodson

Sean was shortlisted because of his ‘outstanding commitment to his students.’ His ‘journalism club shows great dedication to students’ futures’ and has personally helped students with mental health issues. 

Linda Asquith

Linda was shortlisted because a student expressed that ‘if it wasn’t for Linda I would not be here.’ She was also described as really understanding and approachable, and students always feel comfortable going to talk to her. 

Best Dissertation Supervisor

Tom Houseman

Tom was shortlisted for this award because he is always helpful and genuinely excited to point students in the right direction. He makes students feel like they can do it and is a huge motivator. He is the students’ cheerleader. 

Moade Shubita

Moade was shortlisted for this award because he helps students continuously, even via skype. He helps students make significant progress, and helps them develop their work gradually until they reach the highest level. He is friendly, approachable, and a massive support. 

Aftab Dean

Aftab was shortlisted for this award because he is an excellent communicator. He has a positive approach with many international students, and has had a great impact on this cohort of students in particular. He is always available, while being mindful and supportive of any problems students encounter. 

Akbar Sheikh-Akbari

Akbar was shortlisted for this award because he constantly drives his students toward achieving their goals. He is described as an unimaginable help and support, and spends a lot of time and energy contributing to his students. He is a supportive and able supervisor. 

Jade Moran

Jade was shortlisted for this award because she provides an incredible level of resources to her students. She has a constant dedication to her students, not just academically, but personally too. She is patient, and particularly helps students with that final push. 

Best Academic Advisor

Martin Hird

Martin was shortlisted for this award because he has been described as approachable and fully supportive. Students kept describing that former students remember Martin fondly and always ask after him, and his teaching is always thoughtful and allows students to question the status quo. 

Jessica van Horssen

Jessica was shortlisted for this award because she always uses her contacts to find opportunities for her students. She was described as down to earth, approachable, and students always feel comfortable talking to her. 

Nicola Worrillow

Nicola was shortlisted for this award because students feel there is no issue too big or small to approach Nicola about. She makes students feel empowered, and she is committed to every one of her students. She is warm and an active resource for information. 

Barbara Henderson

Barbara was shortlisted for this award because she is welcoming, kind, and supportive. She creates a sense of reinforced trust for her students, and she is an advocate for her students when they are having difficulties in other modules. 

Ian Lamond

Ian was shortlisted for this award because he is always up for a coffee and a chat. He creates a warm and comfortable space in workshops, and always makes sure every student is okay. His ties are also fantastic. 

Staff and Student-led Categories

Memorable Moment

Graduation 2018

Graduation is an annual acknowledgement of our purpose and the success of our students, the event is a great example of team effort among colleagues from all parts of our University. The relocation of last year’s ceremony was a great achievement for those involved, and made a significant impact on how we are perceived across the city.

Carnegie Casuals

The creation of a seven-a-side football team has united staff and students from our Sports Business Management course, the efforts that have gone into coordinating and leading the team have been self-generated, and demonstrate the impact individuals can have on the student experience.

Keepers of Lost Clothes

This thought-provoking and innovative project has showcased our students’ talents and provided an excellent example of how research can directly support learning; it is a valuable piece of work into sustainable fashion and the industry’s impact on the environment.

Unsung Hero

Babita Bhogal 

Babita is a real unsung part of the Library Services team, the impact of her work on supporting research across our University has been phenomenal – many staff have received huge amounts of funding as a result. Recently, Babita has been collaborating on an institutional research data management policy project which will benefit all staff and students.

Mary Kabote

Mary has been recognised by the Study Abroad Office for the tireless support she has offered our exchange students over the years. She goes above and beyond during Welcome Week to ensure that everyone feels settled, even those not enrolled on one of her courses, providing an invaluable start to their time at our University. Mary is an example of a truly student-focused colleague. 

CARES Cleaning Team

The Cleaning Team at Headingley Campus have been stretched beyond their normal schedules recently whilst covering for periods of absence among their colleagues. They have stepped up to the challenge and shown everyone what team work really means. During this difficult time, they have worked more closely and remained positive – still finding time to win best outfits for Pretty in Pink in October and Best Christmas Jumper in December.

John Goodwin

John has recently been instrumental in creating the Students’ Union's Fair Deal for Interns Accreditation Scheme, which has now been adopted by agencies in Leeds and beyond. The Scheme has been heralded by The Yorkshire Evening Post as “ground-breaking” as it has been adopted by two major professional bodies. John’s colleagues have also described him as recently being the ‘backbone’ of the SU during a time of increased workload.

Alice Green and Chris Smiles

Alice and Chris not only provide unwavering, outstanding support for colleagues in the School of Biomedical Science, they are also invaluable with the support they offer to our students. Much of their amazing work is not publically visible, as it is only experienced by the students who receive comfort from the caring and compassionate service provided by Alice and Chris.

Aidan Thatcher

Aidan has been nominated for being exceptionally helpful to students developing new societies, turning visions into reality - nothing is too much trouble. He genuinely cares about the success of the Students’ Union, and is a dependable member of their team. 


Nutrition and Dietetics – Migrant Health

The Migrant Health Research Programme developed by academics from our Nutrition and Dietetics group has steadily raised the profile of ethnic inequalities in health; the team have engaged with a diverse range of partners and worked towards improving access to health opportunities for disadvantaged and vulnerable communities. The project has addressed complex issues and strongly promoted their values and the values of our University.  

Kevin Hylton

Professor Kevin Hylton is a pioneer of anti-racist scholarship, he previously lead our Staff Race Equality Forum along with countless other initiatives. He has also generously supported curriculum diversification in other parts of the University. 

David Morby

David’s students have recognised the passionate and fluent manner in which he conveys his dedication to equality and diversity in society. His lessons have been described as motivational and inclusive, giving each person the opportunity to be heard and valuing each student’s contribution.

Staff-led Categories

Outstanding Contribution to Enterprise and Innovation

Kitrina Douglas

Dr Kitrina Douglas has been recognised for her longstanding, impressive filmmaking and wide-reaching impact through Youtube. In line with the Research Excellence Framework’s impact agenda, Kitrina has been a paving the way with her engagement with the public with innovative and unique films that have reached an international audience. Dr Douglas has been driven to engage with the public and academics by a strong belief in the importance of amplifying the voices of participants and her colleagues. 

Lisa Stephenson

Lisa has created the Storymakers Company, which aims to empower young people, giving them the opportunity to create their stories through drama and creative writing. Lisa’s approach to education aims to engage young learners by building their confidence, developing their emotional literacy and creating an imaginative community they can belong to.

Ben Robertson

Over the years, Ben has been much more than a Careers Advisor, he has made an exceptionally valuable contribution to the School of Cultural Studies and Humanities with his unique skill-set and innovative approach to employability. Ben has worked extremely hard to address the fundamental issue of developing employability skills in students not studying vocational degrees with great success. 

Julie Cleverley, Samantha Heeson and Erin Nelphin

Julia, Samantha and Erin have brought their individual areas of expertise to the Libraries and Learning Innovation’s recent project to analyse usage data to provide insights into student engagement at both a course and School level. This work aims to support the University’s wider work on student engagement as an indicator of NSS results. Their findings were presented at a School of Sport Staff Development Session and aspects of their work will be presented at the Open Athens Conference.

Researcher of the Year

Aftab Dean

Showing unequalled support for research degree students in the Business School, Dr Aftab Dean’s high level of pedagogical skill has resulted in the phenomenal number of DBA completions, his efforts are inspirational for colleagues and students alike. His accessibility, enthusiasm and willingness to share his expertise has been invaluable to a great number of our students.

Alys Griffiths

Alys has had an exceptional year, demonstrating research leadership and independence beyond expectations, she has published and co-authored papers in several high-impact journals. She has also been awarded a bursary from the National Centre for Research Methods and was invited to attend a three-day workshop in Malaysia. Alys has been taking a leading role in developing and supporting many projects in her area, whilst successfully building networks and collaborating with colleagues from other institutions, locally and internationally. 

Neda Mahmoodi and Georgina Jones

Neda and Georgina are innovative, critical and applied researchers, who have recently been undertaking a project to develop an accessible, implementable decision-making guide to provide women undergoing breast cancer guidance on their fertility decisions – this work in currently being in all hospitals across Yorkshire. They also act as mentors in their department, and have been described as fantastic colleagues.

Stacey Emmonds

Stacey has worked exceptionally hard in the past year to improve the provision of female talent developed pathways, she has published a number of papers related to the development of female athletes. Stacey has also supported PhD students in securing funding to conduct further investigations into the area of female athlete development, and has established firm links with Leeds United Academy.

Team of the Year

Equality & Diversity Team

Despite being such a small team, Nabila and Katrina make a big impact across our University; they host a wide range of activities, events and training relating to equality and diversity. They are approachable, responsive and efficient in all they do. Colleagues have noted that is always a pleasure to work with Katrina and Nabila, and that our Campus Pride event would not be a success without their advice and input.

Pastoral Team in Education

Following a successful pilot last year, the School of Education’s Administration Team has this year become their Pastoral Team. After receiving training in a number of areas, such as mental health, first aid and coaching, the team has been successfully offering a triage service to students. With this new focus, the team have faced challenging situations and have demonstrated an exceptional level of professionalism and dedication to student outcomes – going above and beyond expectations. 

Timetabling Team

The timetabling team work tirelessly across the academic year to make a positive difference for students and colleagues. Working with the Students’ Union, the team have listened to feedback and as a result, all students now have their personalised timetable available on their mobile devices, Wednesday afternoon teaching has been avoided, and a significant proportion of classes have been zoned to their academic homes. The team have also worked extremely hard this past year to react to and minimise the impact of estates activities or major events, their hard work and dedication has been greatly appreciated by colleagues around the University. 

Leader of the Year

Moade Shubita

Moade’s contribution as a research lead for colleagues and doctoral students has been described as extraordinary, he puts his loyalty and passion for the betterment of colleagues and stakeholders as a key priority. He consistently demonstrates authentic transformational leadership through his commitment to intellectual impact through innovation, integrity and involvement. Moade is a beacon of hope and inspiration to colleagues who want to ensure that our academic programmes have rigour and help students develop the skills they need to make an impact in employment.

Nada Ellis

Nada has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to improving the University’s processes and procedures, each of the changes she has introduced directly improves the experiences of every student. Nada has invested time to understand the stengths, roles and responsibilities of each area she leads. She is very results and statistics focused, which influences her approach to strategic planning. Nada is an inspirational leader, who drives her team to successfully adapt to the ever-changing disability and student-needs landscape.

Louise Warwick-Booth

During a period of change, Louise has been a great motivator, always leading by example and taking on an increased workload and maintaining a positive atmosphere during a challenging time. She champions the contributions of others, whilst consistently receiving excellent student feedback, Louise is a highly regarded colleague. Louise is also a respected researcher and author, her publications are on reading lists at many universities.

Alex Dobson

Since joining the university in 2014, Alex has quickly made an impact in his role leading our team of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. He has increased the effectiveness of the team, challenging his team to make more decisions in their area using their specialist knowledge and expertise to create improvements. 


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